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dj angel

DJ Angel started playing as a guest dj at The Devonshire Arms in Camden before becoming a Tour DJ & playing some of the best and dirtiest after party's (Bang Tango, Faster Pussycat, Vain, LA Guns, Skid Row, Hanoi Rocks, The Mission, Killing Miranda, HIM, Brides of Destruction, The 69 Eyes Reckless Love, & H.E.A.T.). Thats not when he's guesting at Intripid Fox, Slimelight London, or The Limelight and Slimelight Clubs in NewYork.

If you cant find Angel on the decks at a gig or after party we suggest you try or check below the decks, but knock first!

27 November 2014: Marilyn Manson: 'Third Day Of A Seven Day Binge'
15 October 2014: In This Moment: 'Sick Like Me' CD single
15 October 2014: Billy Idol: 'Kings & Queens Of The Underground'
23 September 2014: Billy Idol: 'Can't Break Me Down' CD Single
18 September 2014: Payload: 'Wasteland' CD Single
8 September 2014: Celldweller: 'End Of An Empire'
19 August 2014: Buckcherry: 'F#ck' EP
8 August 2014: Fearless Vampire Killers: 'Neon In The Dabce Halls' CD Single
8 August 2014: Fire Red Empress: 'Paint Me The Devil' EP
31 July 2014: Vain/REds Cool/Kinkade: The Underworld, Camden, London
30 July 2014: States Of Panic: The Borderline, London
20 June 2014: Sad Dolls: 'Grave Party'
17 June 2014: Deathstars: 'A Perfect Cult'
4 June 2014: Orgy: 'Wide Awake And Dead' CD Single
2 June 2014: Bloody Mary: 'Anno Zero'
2 June 2014: Dust Bowl Jokies: 'The Wicked/Blood, Sweat & Perfume' EP
26 March 2014: Klogr: 'Zero Tolerance' (single)
24 March 2014: Love/Hate/Knock Out Kaine/Gypsy Pistoleros: Underworld, London
6 March 2014: The Strigas: 'A Poisoned Kiss To Reality'
10 February 2014: Klogr: 'Draw Closer'
6 February 2014: Dellacoma: 'Change'
31 January 2014: Axel Rudi Pell: 'Into The Storm'
31 January 2014: The Art: 'Weirdo Superhero' EP
15 January 2014: Beasto Blanco: 'Live Fast Die Loud'
5 January 2014: The 69 Cats: 'Bad Things' EP
5 January 2014: Another Destiny Project: 'Others' (Remix)
10 December 2013: Tigertailz/Stinger: Stephs The Club That Rocks, Consett, Co Durham
1 December 2013: Alexanred: 'Non Stop Non Stop' CD Single
20 November 2013: Dogstate: 'Let It Loose'
19 November 2013: Wildside Riot/Bubblegum Screw: The Miller Pub, London Bridge
7 November 2013: Hornet: 'Skies Are Falling'
6 November 2013: Dregen: 'Dregen'
31 October 2013: Jettblack: 'Black Gold'
27 October 2013: Reckless Love/Laura Wilde: Islington 02 Academy, London
10 October 2013: Hairband Extravaganza Tour: Tuff, Shameless, Stala & So, Guiltz, Pleasurez: The Underworld, London
13 June 2013: Wildside Riot: 'No Second Take'


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