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The Underworld, London

DJ Angel

dj angel

hairband extravaganza

Billed as an evening of hair band hits all night...

London's very own Guiltz and Pleasurez kick off the night with a Poison cover, 'Look What The Cat Dragged In'. People start to congress at the front as this got their attention. Does it wain from here on in; fortunately it doesn't.

Some powerful backing but it's what you'd expect and it definitely gets proceedings off to a fine start. There are a few people tonight who may agree with me. Stand out track for me from their material is definitely 'No More Wasted Tears'.

Great potential as a power AOR ballad. Great tune and development would definitely bring this tune to life, good power guitar solo ala glam hard edge. Love this track but is it enough? The crowd at this time think so.

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Hooked loops and choruses in the vain of AOR, let's see how this band develops. Then they go and play 'Jump' by Van Halen and a few people go nuts.

Stala & So from Finland hit the stage next as main support. I'm expecting great things as I had seen them in Finland at Trashfest two years ago, before they represented Finland in the Eurovision Song Contest.

The guys kick it in big style and this makes me so happy. Although the crowd is scarce it's my kind of rock n roll. People gradually filter down during track one and it's time to party, but why are the crowd static and very reserved when the band sounds very bouncy?

It may that they are unfamiliar with the band's material. I'm confused as to why the Underworld crowd, no matter how sparse are acting so slowly, as the band are pulling out all the stops to put on a good show. Disappointed for sure as to no reaction, but hey I like this band and they need to smash the UK. A despondent swaying is surely the acknowledgement that some people tonight do not know the band at all.

Last time this band hit the UK was as support to Vain. Is it a shot in the dark or not? Let's hope that they impact in the UK soon.

Steve Sex Summers from Pretty Boy Floyd lets the Underworld know he's here; it's really rock trashtastic, totally. Shameless are really ready to smash it.

Second track is 'Leather Boyz With Electric Toyz' and this stage begins the mayhem of the tours of the past; it's time to go nuts.

But at the beginning the audience are slow to react or going crazy. 'Rock n roll outlaws' blasts out and is the track people seem to like lots. Steve Sex Summers is lapping it up; let's see if it holds up with the rest of the set.

'U & I' from Shameless is aired and is a great ballad, very rock n roll. But the audience stand static for this one, absolute shame.

Alexx Michael has done this proud I kid you not. In the set it became obvious that this should have been a Pretty Boy Floyd set for sure as 'I Wanna Be With You' blasts out. I would like to have heard a lot more of the Shameless tracks.

Tuff wrap up the proceedings tonight and I'm ready to rock out, but are Tuff here to stay and rock harder than ever before? If you were expecting the Tuff of years ago be warned - it's a total non entity. They are here to give the neighbourhood threat a kick up the ass.

Rejuvenated, and the hits have a harder edge for sure. Years ago I loved a great band and they have come back and it's time to make people in the UK realise what they are now.

It's been a long time since Tuff at the Astoria in 1991 and they are ready to release their mayhem. 'Ruck A Pit Bridge' kicks in and it's time to party. Stevie Rachelle gives the supports a good big thank you and it's time to party again.

Is the UK ready for this after all these years? Yes is the answer, they sure are as rock n roll never dies and the audience is lapping it up. I loved hearing 'I Hate Kissing You Goodbye' and the required singalong that ensues.

'Tied To The Bells' kicks out and I'm excited as I loved this track. Everyone goes a bit crazy for sure. 'All New Generation' truly heats up the party mood, and 'American Hair Band' is a sure fire winner for the crowd tonight.

Overall a great night of hair Metal that many have tried to emulate. I hope that the rest of the tour was a great success.




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