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'Black Gold' (B sides and covers versions)

DJ Angel

dj angel


Jettblack is a contemporary hard rock band from High Wycombe, England. They have previously released two studio albums, 'Get Your Hands Dirty' and 'Raining Rock'.

I wasn't sure what to expect from Jettblack releasing a B sides and covers cd so soon in their career; is it a risky move or a great way to keep the Jettblack fans happy until the next full studio album?

The opening track from 'Black Gold' is 'Raining Gold' and features Damon Johnson of Thin Lizzy/Black Star Riders. It's a slow track, not really a hard thumping song, but it does have a very rhythmic chorus.

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Track two 'Feel The Love', featuring the second guest artist Ian Paice, is more like the rocking tune style that I know Jettblack are, it has punchy twiddly guitars and the good hard rock vocals as well as a good bluesy feel, maybe this should have been the opening track of the album.

I have to say tracks such as 'Weapon' and the AC/DC cover 'Let Me Put My Love Into You' have me armchair grooving. There are no more than three cover versions on this CD, so as well as the AC/DC cover version you get Heart's classic track 'Barracuda' and Motorhead's 'Name In Vain' which all have been given the Jettblack twist. These do give the cd a good vibe and it also shows how they are influenced, a great tribute to classic rock bands.

The acoustic tracks do not really do too much for me, but I have to say that if I was wanting to sit back and have a chilled music night they would be ideal. I look forward to hearing the next saga in the Jettblack career.

Jettblack are a good hard rocking British band and credit where credit is due, their popularity is increasing with each appearance and CD that encroaches. I look forward to hearing the next cd and seeing if they can improve on their stance as a band.

Track list:
01. Black Gold (featuring Damon Johnson) - new edited version.
02. Feel The Love (featuring Ian Paice of Deep Purple) - from the 'Raining Rock' sessions, previously digital only.
03. Weapon - from the 'Raining Rock' sessions.
04. Fade Away - from the 'Get Your Hands Dirty' sessions.
05. Let Me Put My Love Into You (AC/DC cover) - previously only available on a cover-mounted CD.
06. Red Horizon (acoustic) - previously unreleased.
07. Barracuda (Heart cover) - previously unreleased.
08. Name In Vain (Motorhead cover) - previously unreleased.
09. War Between Us (acoustic) - previously digital only.
10. Not Even Love (acoustic) - previously digital only.
11. Sunshine (acoustic) - previously digital only.
12. Prison Of Love (acoustic) - previously digital only.
13. Black Gold - full album version.

Band Members:
Will Stapleton: Vocals, Guitar
Tom Wright: Bass
Matt Oliver: Drums
Jon Dow: Vocals, Guitar




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