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Dregen is a Swedish musician best known as the former guitarist from The Hellacopters and current guitarist of Backyard Babies and the newest member of Michael Monroe's band, replacing Ginger as guitarist. This CD has been a long awaited and fans of his former bands have been anticipating something awesome.

Kicking off proceedings is the track 'Division Of Me', chugging guitars with the kind of keyboard plonking of a retro glam track. Very melodic and has a groovy feel to it, a catchy chorus and Dregen's singing is sounding better than I expected.

The single 'Just Like That' is next and after hearing this a while ago it grows on you lots. It's a very melodic track and has a very groovy infectious feeling, a very catchy chorus and the guitar solo is screaming out. To me it is very reminiscent of the Manchester indie rock scene stuff, except its Dregen and it's "just like that".

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'Flat Tyre On A Muddy Road' has me confused but it's seems as if it's a story about sadness, and the wanting to break boundaries of the blue grass and blues feel. Great female vocals and the subject of Lucifer and wanting to get back home.

Then we get 'Gig Pig' which kind of crosses the rockabilly, trash rock boundary. A cross between rock n' roll and there's minsters theme ghoul genre, but it's a great tune.


Other stand out tracks for me are 'Bad Situation', a riff driven fuelled onslaught and 'Refuse' which brings back the expected hard edged song, which you would expect from Dregen.

Dregen has managed to mix a lot of influences into ten tracks and in my opinion this is a good solo effort. It does exactly what it says on the tin as the saying goes and shows how Dregen has matured over the years, as well as complimenting some of his influences.

01. Divison Of Me
02. Just Like That
03. Flat Tyre On A Muddy Road
04. Gig Pig
05. Pink Hearse
06. Bad Situation
07. One Man Army
08. 6-10
09. Refuse
10. Mojo's Gone




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