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'Skies Are Falling'
(SED Records)

DJ Angel

dj angel


Hornet describe themselves as "bringing a modern blend of hard rock, punk and metal together". This is definitely a no frills, fast power driven, hard rocking, party rock CD from beginning to end; think the bastard son of The Almighty and Zodiac Mindwarp.

'Skies Are Falling' is a very catchy powerful track and the growly powerful vocals of frontman Joe Thompson mixed with the melodic style of music create the vibe for the remaining tracks.

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Second track 'Down To The Bone' has some very sexually suggestive lyrics such as "suck you dry, strip me bare, right down to the bone", which will give you a bit of a smile and have you thinking, wouldn't this be great in a club on a Saturday night.

The other stand out tracks for me are 'Bite Down', which is the rock n' roll version of a drunken night out and a fist full of trouble, while 'I'm Gonna Be The Man' has me wanting to go out and party hard and listen to good music.

'Rock n' Roll Riot' totally keeps the emphasis set by all the tracks.

'Storm The Gates' is definitely the softest number on the album, but don't be fooled - it is still a very powerful track. Joe is quoted as saying when writing these song lyrics: "Initial ideas came from Greek mythology," which was an interest of his and that he managed to fit them into the song.

He also goes on to set the challenge - can you guess the story that it is based on. If you do think you know why not mail them...

To be honest I thought every track on 'Skies Are Falling' was a fine example of an album that if promoted very well, could be a smash hit.

The high octane energy is very apparent, each track is filled with a positive punch which many bands fail to achieve and be able to sustain throughout.

Track listing:
Skies Are Falling
Down To The Bone
Second Hand Smoke
State of Emergency
Under Pressure
Bite Down
I'm Gonne Be The Man
Drive On
Sweet Lips
Rock n' Roll Riot
Storm The Gates




Hornet have unveiled a lyric video for their new single 'Storm The Gates'. The track, taken from the band's debut album 'Skies Are Falling', is arguably a softer number of the band's repertoire. The atmospheric track gives off a whole different feel to the band, featuring a melodic vocal approach instead of the band's usual hard heavy vocal.

Check out the lyric video below.

'Storm The Gates' is available on iTunes or from along with previously unreleased B-side, 'Outta Control'.



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