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The Miller Pub, London Bridge SE1
15th November 2013

DJ Angel

dj angel


Having not seen Bubblegum Screw for quite a long time, I was wondering how the sound may have changed, if at all.

Kicking off with the track 'Operation' it is apparent from the off that the high energy of this band is still alive; think The Stooges, New York Dolls and you have the idea.

The high octane pace just keeps coming, this band mean business and have good tracks and a good performance frontman in Mark Thorn with his garish looks and oozing charisma. Track titles such as 'Second Class Citizen', 'Suicide And Caviar' and the track 'Rock n' Roll Loser' which appeared on a Classic Rock magazine cover CD a few years ago.

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If you have not seen London's very own Bubblegum Screw, it's worth a look to have some good old rock n' roll.

The Glam Godfather, Rocky Shades former Wrathchild UK and now Wildside Riot frontman, is in good form tonight. The set starts with a new track, 'Freak Show', and I'm totally grooving to this one. This is the first time new tracks will be played in London.

Rocky Shades is in fine form and it's rockin time tonight as he introduces the new bass basher Johnny Suicide who just seems to have settled in flawlessly.

bubblegum screw
Bubblegum Screw

I'm kind of sad it's not busier tonight as Wildside Riot are slowly building up a good following, but everybody who has made the effort to attend this South London venue is having a great time and appreciate the music.

It's a good mix of songs from the debut CD 'No Second Take' as well as some very good classics from the old days of Rocky Shades' career. With the addition of the classic 'Trash Queen', one of the greatest singalong glam tunes of the 80s, as well as 'Stakk Attakk' and 'Kick Down The Walls', I'm really loving the setlist.

'No Second Take' has some great tunes on it, including the swaying ballad 'My Paradise' which always gives the feel of 'Back To The Future' in my mind. The rocking self titled track 'Wildside Riot' is always going to be a favourite of mine in a live environment.

wildside riot

Tonight has definitely been a night for rock n' roll with good friends and a band that knows how to entertain. Rocky Shades has always been the all round entertainer and classic frontman who will always sing his heart out. I would definitely like to hear some more of the new tracks and wait in anticipation of how they evolve.

And what better way to round of the evening but with Rocky and the guys giving everybody the Birmingham sneer; yes, you guessed it they are belting out 'Rebel Yell' and it sounds great.

A great all round night of entertainment and music. If you have not had the opportunity to check out either of the bands, it's worth a few pounds of your beer money to have a good night, guaranteed.




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