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'Others' (remix) CD single
(Crysella Records)

DJ Angel

dj angel

another destiny project

Another Destiny Project from Italy release the remix of the track 'Others', originally on the album 'The Meaning Of Life'.

Another Destiny Project is the brainchild of Peter Pahor, a multi-instrumentalist, producer and composer and this track features Susana C Marquez who is a singer and actress in her own right.

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This remix definitely gives more of a higher quality to the track with haunting vocals, loud guitars and intense rhythm section.

Susana has a great vocal style and listeners of Gothic symphonic Metal are absolutely going to love this track. It has made an impact.

Another Destiny Project have come across to me as being classically influenced and utilise this to a good degree. Definitely worth checking out the other tracks available, some of which are free from their website.

I for one will be looking at the other material to hear a bit more to see the other aspects to this band.





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