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'Weirdo Superhero' EP
(Rocket Science Ventures)
Release Date: 17th January 2014

DJ Angel

dj angel

the art

If you like your rock and sleeze rock then this is definitely for you. Australia's The Art have definitely been honing their (pardon the pun) art. After supporting Faster Pussycat in Europe throughout 2013, is it time for them to show their true colours.

'Homesick' being the first song to have an accompanying video gets things really rocking. The song itself has all the hallmarks of the 80s Los Angeles sleeze rock scene; dirty ripping guitars, catchy chorus and trashy guitar solo.

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The track 'Dirty Girl' is written about a flirty girl, a dirty little girl with a secret. With lyrics like "Your boyfriend, doesn't really have to know", you get the feel of debauchery which is a classic scenario for a classic rock song.

To be fair, until last year I was not familiar with this band at all and from what I had heard they were a mixed back of tricks from hard rock to pop rock. The 'Weirdo Superhero' EP is a great progression.

Track listing:
Weirdo Superhero
Voodoo Storm
Dreams And Nightmares
Dirty Girl

Azaria Byrne - Vocals and Guitar
Kara Jayne - Bass and Vocals
Ronnie Simmons - Lead Guitar and Vocals
Jordan McDonald- Drums





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