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'Change' (single)
(Self released)
Release Date: 14th February 2014

DJ Angel

dj angel


'Change' is Dellacoma's second single and is co-written with Dean Williams, the same phenomenal guitarist who also played on Dellacoma's first single 'Dead Will Rise'.

For those not familiar with the name, Dellacoma Rio was the singer from Australian hard rockers Sunset Riot.

'Change' clocks in at a mere 2:31 but it's fast and a delectable slice of rock n roll. It's hard rocking with a tinge of old school in your face attitude, and it's nice to hear a self released song from a very versatile frontman.

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Dellacoma Rio is shaking his fist and rocking out, and if you like your music hard and sleazy this is definitely for you. Best to crank the volume up to a high level and see what occurs.

To release a song on Valentine's Day is a great idea and rock n' rollers should give it their attention and love. Can't wait to hear some more.


The band
Vocals: Dellacoma Rio
With guest musicians...
Guitar: Dean Williams
Bass: Tommy Sunset
Drums: Ben Sarros





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