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'The Wicked/Blood, Sweat & Perfume' EP
MAX MUSIC (Universal)

DJ Angel

dj angel

dust bowl jokies

Dust Bowl Jokies hail from Sweden and have released a new two track EP.

As we know Sweden has a great reputation for producing some great trashy, glam rock n roll. After already having achieved a lot of success in their home country with the track 'Boots On Rocks Off' to critical acclaim, let's see if they can keep the momentum going.

The first track, 'The Wicked', has a bluesy feel to begin and then it's all cylinders blasting as the guitars kick in hard. The style is very modern with some 70s influence and Alexxs vocals are very raspy but not in a rough kind of way and blend well with the great musicianship being presented.

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The second track, 'Blood, Sweat & Perfume', is definitely the stronger of the two songs on offer on this EP and has all the trademarks of a catchy rock n' roll trash anthem.

Crashing guitars are layered with screaming vocals from Alexx, the guitar solo are particular very scratchy/screeching. Crank this EP up loud and it's going to make the walls shake.

If you have never heard of Dust Bowl Jokies I would suggest that you definitely give them an airing and show some love for a young band who could achieve great heights.

Alexx: vocals, percussions, harmonica
Victor: lead/rhythm guitar
Nicke: lead/rhythm guitar
Action: drums, percussions
Freddan: bass





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