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'Anno Zero'
(Valerie Records)

DJ Angel

dj angel

bloody mary

Italian Gothic rockers Bloody Mary are set to release their new album 'Anno Zero' and I was given an exclusive copy to see if the Blood n Roll is flowing.

In case you don't know too much about Bloody Mary they formed in 2000 and this is their third full album, the last being 'Party Music From Graveyards' in 2010.

The opening track, 'I Keep Pretending' has a catchy keyboard and bass intro which I was not expecting; the previous tunes did not have so much keyboard in them but this is definitely a tune that has caught my attention. The dark brooding vocals of Aldebran seem stronger as well as hearing the trademark "oooo ay ooooo" in the chorus. It's a great start.

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'Chase The Nowhere' sees the Gothic side of things become stronger in the tune structure, chugging guitars mixed with melodic riffing, along with lyrics about things happening over and over again. This could be deemed as brooding in a suggestive kind of way, but likely a tongue in cheek way of describing that things should be forgotten.

The track that ultimately stands alone for me is 'Concrete Jungle' which has a style that I have not heard Bloody Mary attempt before, mixing very aggressive industrial guitars and keyboard samples. Think Rammstein or Gothminister and you are very close to the sound on this track, very fast vocals mixed with what could be described as an energy of a speed train out of control.

If you were expecting some a standard Gothic rock songs, there are aspects here for you to enjoy. 'Judith' is quite a slow track to begin with floating style vocals about heartache. This is a pivotal part of 'Anno Zero' in my opinion as you get fast paced tempo going with "Concrete Jungle" then the album is slowed a lot by 'Judith', but this is not a bad thing at all.

'I Am Gonna Miss You' is the closing track which mixes the rockier side of the bands sound and what seems to be some kind of vocal overdubs about warfare.

Overall I think Bloody Mary have shown that they are progressing and growing with each release. If your a lover of gothic rock or whatever you want to tag it, then 'Anno Zero' is definitely an album which you will like.

Track listing:
01. I Keep Pretending
02. Chase The Nowhere
03. Concrete Jungle
04. Frozen
05. So Far Away
06. Crawling
07. Did You Let Me Down
08. Judith
09. The 3rd Chance
10. I Am Gonna Miss You

Aldebran (Vocal Folds)
Stranger (Bass)
La Mountain (Lead Guitar)
Dave (Guitar)
Juerghen (Drums)





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