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'A Perfect Cult'
(Nuclear Blast)
Released Date: 13th June 2014

DJ Angel

dj angel


The Swedish industrial rock band Deathstars return with a glitter blast with the release their long anticipated fourth studio album 'The Perfect Cult' and believe you me it's off the hook with ten outstanding songs. Limited edition album versions are available which include remixes and instrumental versions of the songs to make your money go further.

With a total streamline of the line up and welcoming of Vice to the studio whose debut was on the track 'Metal' for the 'Greatest Hits On Earth' CD. Feel the thunder roar and listen for the thump as Deathstars totally rip the earth a new one with the album opener 'Explode', an apt title for a song that really does hit harder than a freight train.

'Fire Galore' starts with keyboard type chimes, then the crunching guitars hit hard as the bass and very anthem keyboards erupt, I have to say that Nightmare Industries has totally taken flight on this track. Whiplasher is on fine form and lyrics and music definitely take you to utopia; not your usual guitar solo on this one but a very horror music type interlude.

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The first single, 'All The Devils Toys' is a track that brings and evokes thoughts of all the modern day's evils. From guns to charlottes rising as well as mercury dreams, giving food for thought about modern world as we see it. A dark and inspiring track and possibly one the most thought invoking songs about how dark society has become over the years.

Title track 'The Perfect Cult' could be a cool horror movie theme song, for me it invokes the feeling that a vampire life is a cool one. "Kill the lights and ignite the fright, sell yourselves and be a part of the night"; 'Whiplasher' has got some great brooding vocals and every listen to this track just oozes a fantastic progression for this album.

"Temple Of Insects' has to be a stand alone track for me, systematic synths, the bass has a large part to play as it's like a throbbing vein inpending to a heart attack occurring.


Overall this is the triumphant album that many had waited for, I would definitely confirm that Deathstars are to retain their death glam crown and will do for a very long time to come.

'A Perfect Cult' has seen many changes as well as retaining that certain industrial Metal that Deathstars have become so known for whilst also invoking thoughts of urban decay. Ten tracks of awesomeness which do not have a bad section at any stage. Viva la death glam join the perfect cult and hope that their future is secured for many years to come.

Track listing:
1 - Explode 4:55
2 - Fire Galore 4:08
3 - All The Devil's Toys 3:59
4 - Ghost Reviver 3:42
5 - The Perfect Cult 4:01
6 - Asphalt Wings 4:48
7 - Bodies 4:36
8 - Temple Of The Insects 3:52
9 - Track, Crush & Prevail 4:04
10 - Noise Cuts 4:14

Whiplasher (Vocals)
Nightmare Industries (Guitars and Keyboards)
Skinny (Bass)
Vice (Drums)





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