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'Grave Party'
(Inverse Records)
Release date: 2nd May 2014

DJ Angel

dj angel

sad dolls

Darkwave Industrial Metal band Sad Dolls hail from Greece and 'Grave Party' is their third full album and I wondered what the band would be like, so believe you me I wasn't expecting a lot from a band I had not listened to before.

I was wrong because Sad Dolls have that Scandinavian sound and its very distinctive and has a great feel good factor to it.

On 'Lady Cry' George's vocals could make you think of Ville Valo of HIM mixing the deepness of Type O Negative's Pete Steele, the structure of the song is very intense providing a good mix of guitars and keyboard.

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Followed promptly on the next track a surprise is at hand as Skinny Disco from Deathstars guests on the song 'Terminate Me'. The intro is a bit slow but it takes about thirty seconds to get that impact intense rip roaring rhythm.

It seems that this could have been a great track but for me it's a bit wishy washy and the mix just doesn't seem to be right which is disappointing.

'Bleed Sister Bleed' is more like a resounding track for my personal taste, very similar in contrast to a certain Bradford Doom band. Very intense vocals blended well with a catchy lyrical content but it has a very slow pace to it.

Mixing piano and guitars 'Suicide Girl' is a kind of standard song expected on any goth Metal album, but final song 'Thirteen', which is a Johnny Cash cover, has a bit of a kick to it.

All in all, I listened to 'Grave Party' a lot to try and see if it would grow on me. It did to a certain degree and if you like death glam, industrial then you will definitely have to give these a listen.

01. Rave To The Grave
02. Lady Cry
03. Terminate Me
04. Dancing Shadows
05. Bleed Sister Bleed
06. Creeping Skies
07. Sexy And Undead
08. The Last Valentine
09. Angels (Making Love In The Dark)
10. Suicide Girl
11. You Make Me Feel Like Nothing
12. On The Road 66
13. Thirteen

George Downloved - Vocals
Paul EviLЯose - Guitars
J.Vitu - Guitars
G.B - Bass
St.Gus – Drums





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