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The Underworld, Camden, London
9th July 2014

DJ Angel

dj angel


Kinkade hit the stage to a virtually empty room. Having known this band and seen them play for years around the scene, people are missing out because they are at home or at Sebastian Bach.

'She's Hot' is the set opener and it's a rock n' roll party. The guitarist has to go off to do a personal thing at the beginning of the set; this makes me laugh so much that he has to go to the toilet as they hit the stage. 'She's Hot' eventually makes the set get off to a great start.

Think pirate looking rockers, especially the singer. The next song is introduced as "a song Bon Jovi wanted to write" in 'Give Love A Try' which is a rocker and could be a rock n' roll hit if the band got signed, a proper rock ballad which is the mood breaker enabling Kinkade to show a tender side.

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'Swamp Snake' gives a southern twist to the set; this is very welcome in my eyes and adapted well. Such a shame the venue is sparse attendance wise at this point but those here are very welcoming.

'Spellbound' is a heart felt song written about a dear friend of both the band and myself. It's good that memories last so long and those along the journey are remembered. About a femme fatale, it is a slow tune but very moving from the heart and soul of rock n' roll.

It's high octane rock from the start with Kinkade and they never disappoint... Still unsigned and it's a wonder but they have dedication and that is very visible from the energy on stage. Their persistence is a virtue after all these years on the scene giving it large. Good time rock n' roll without a doubt, so go and see them if you can.


REds Cool hail all the way from Russia, so london are you ready...

From the first instance the band play it's a rock n' roll band, all singing in English it's definitely rock n' roll... and I have to say they ain't half a good band. Not knowing their stuff at all is probably a good thing as surprises are great and they don't let the side down.

Again the size of the crowd is small but building a little and by the second song REds Cool are letting it rip and I really like what I hear and cannot wait to hear an album.

These guys loved every minute of stage time, just a shame the venue was only half full.

Vain approach the stage and it's kicking ass time.... Davy is in fine form and we're off. This charismatic singer still has that wow factor from the 80s when as a young man with great musicians he took on the big boys and wowed the glam fraternity with the 'No Respect' album.

'Worship You' is full of energy and the band are actually tight; billed as the last tour and I'm so excited for the rest of the set.


Kat Casino is on fire as guitarist for this tour as per the last two tours, it's ramped up to 11 and his guitar licks kick ass. It is no wonder he is actually liked by the masses for his cool look and devious charm.

Davy is wearing the red spandex with looped metal rings which I remember from my first gig in Newcastle in 1989 and he's looking great. He states that he loves London, how much of a great crowd the capital always has and that their first tour of the UK was with his friend Sebastian Bach who was playing up the road.

It's a hits 'n roll set for Vain and 'Icy' has the crowd here giving their all; a sing along ensues where everybody joins in. It's great to be part of the 'farewell gig' as the boys rip it up. 'Who's Watching You' has always been one of my favourite tracks from the 'No Respect' album and it's inclusion in the live set tonight makes me tearful.

The mixing of old stuff and the most recent from the 'Triple X' album is a very thought provoking move with regards to material from the original line up to date. The title track has a great vibe live; it's a fast and furious tune.


Davy tells stories about Steven Adler from the Road Crew days and the debauchery experienced, which got laughs then we have the track '1000 Degrees' which sounds awesome and modernised for the current era.

It's going to be a sad farewell to a band I have been into since I was 16-years-old and everybody attending tonight is lapping this up. Some old school tracks and beyond that we have Davy's anecdotes about Gene Simmons etc, so hilarious.

The final track of the night could be only one track. This track was the single that made them in good stead for future years, yes it's 'Beat The Bullet' and the crowd is invited onto the stage. Never have I seen such a crowd want to get on the stage so quickly during an Underworld venue show.

Was tonight about saying goodbye or was it to see if people want some more? Time will tell, but for now Davy Vain has made a lot of people happy tonight.




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