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'Paint Me The Devil' EP

DJ Angel

dj angel

fire red empress

Birmingham hard rockers release their debut EP, 'Paint Me The Devil', comprising of three tracks and it's definitely fast and furious.

'Left Unspoken' has that southern rocky feel kicking off with the hitting of a cow bell, then the guitars are revving on all cylinders with manic pace. Vocal wise I would have to say Nik has a very raspy stand out style, but it also has that kind of rock ballad vibe in some places.

Each track on representation here is fast and furious, but I can't help thinking the southern hard rock thing has been over exploited in recent times. Bearing in mind tile track, 'Paint Me The Devil', would be the kind of tune that would fill a dance floor in any club. Furious guitar work by Carl and Paul and a very tight rhythm section of Ben and Luke ensures that this could get lots of airplay for sure.

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The last track, 'Behind The Wall', has a very doomy stoner rock sound, think Black Sabbath in their heyday with screaming modern vocals.

All together this is not a bad effort, maybe I should wait for an album to be able to fully see their vision. In the meantime however this is a powerful offering and a great beginning.

Track Listing:
1. Left Unspoken
2. Paint Me The Devil
3. Behind The Veil

Nik Taylor-Stoakes - Vocals
Carl Gethin - Guitar
Paul Gethin - Guitar
Ben Picken - Bass
Luke Middleton - Drums





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