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'Neon In The Dance Halls' CD Single
(Goremount Records)
Released: 1st August 2014

DJ Angel

dj angel

fearless vampire killers

Fearless Vampire Killers are best described as death pop but to me it's definitely a gothic horror rock type thing.

'Neon In The Dance Halls' is the first single from their forthcoming album and is a slice of poppy alternative music, bringing in a guest vocal in the form of William Control.

A very catchy tune but to me it's definitely airing on the pop side of alternative. This isn't a bad thing but reminds me of the monsters theme in places. When the guitar solo courtesy of Cyrus plays out, it gives the song a very rockabilly feel and the chorus is a bit weak for my taste.

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I would like to hear a few more tunes before making my mind up with regards to Fearless Vampire Killers, but as a start it is a catchy tune and has potential.

Kier Kemp (vocals/guitar)
Laurence Beveridge (vocals)
Cyrus Barrone (guitar)
Drew Woolnough (bass)
Luke Illingworth (drums)





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