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'Horns And Halos'
Release Date: August 23rd 2013

Joe Geesin

joe geesin

michael monroe horns and haloes

Kicking off with the sleaze and punk fuelled 'TNT Diet', this new album from the former Hanoi Rocks frontman hits you in the face with a sledgehammer.

That opening track is a lot punkier than I'd expected but there's a mean driving bass line and recognisable sleaze undertones that make for a full solid sound. And a mean shred guitar solo too.

'Ballad Of The Lower East Side' is a tad more melodic and 'Eighteen Angels' has both melody and power.

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'Saturday Night Special' is another blistering track and indicative of what influenced GnR et al. It's tracks like this that show the bridge between The Ramones and 80s hair/glam.

The title track too is classic Monroe, with a slightly gothic rhythm that mixes The Cult with Smashing Pumpkins. And some vocal harmonies in the chorus add to the appeal.

michael monroe

'Child Of The Revolution' is another that has that punky touch; while this album is as solid and at times as melodic as Monroe's previous set, 'Sensory Overdrive', guitarist Dregen has brought an extra sleazy dimension. His work with Steve Conte throughout the album is superb, as are Sami Yaffa's bass lines.

'Soul Surrender' mixes a real noisy blast with melodic, more soulful segments, and again the shred guitar bursts work well. 'Ritual' is a slower (well, less of a blast) song but thoroughly enjoyable, and it shows Monroe's power and range.

'Hands Are Tied' closes the album with aplomb and a catchy rhythm and riff. And the saxophone works wonderfully.

A superb album with some great songs, my only quibble is that at 36 minutes it's not particularly long. That said, there is nothing not to enjoy about this album.

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