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Joe Geesin

joe geesin

manny charlton

This new album from the original Nazareth guitarist really rocks – some classic guitar going on here.

From the opening title track the guitar work features some blistering moments as well as hard riffs. 'It Does Say Something' is bluesier and shows Manny's Texan influences (where he's resided since the late 90s).

Vocalist Robin DeLorenzo has a powerful voice, and the intricate keyboards balance the guitars well. Manny has lost none of his edge, and has kept the blues that Nazareth lost years ago.

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Family is much heavier track, then there's the cover of Nazareth's 'Heart's Grown Cold', a powerful track with an acoustic ballad feel.

'Stone Crazy' and 'Bringin' Me Down', both featuring Vivian Campbell, are modern rock tracks with plenty of guitar as you'd expect. 'The Difference' is softer with a slight alternative feel, and some excellent guitar work.

'Say The Word' is a real rocker that will get the head nodding.

At the two extremes – Manny comfortably mixes bluesy Nazareth-esque hard rock and a more modern almost doomy Metal, and everything inbetween.

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