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'Knives' EP

Gary 'Rockulus' Clarke

Rockulus Maximus


Apparently to look in to somebody's soul, you need to check out their shoes. Forget that rubbish about looking in to their eyes, that's so yesterday baby! *Ahem* apologies for that outburst. Normal reception will now resume...

Listening to 'Shoe Collector', which is the first of five brand new recordings by the mighty Glam titans of the UK, is so very cool. You'd be forgiven for thinking that throughout their barrage of bad luck that they'd have called it a day, but you'd be sorely mistaken.

I'll not elaborate on the wave after wave of negativity that Tigertailz have battled against, but instead sum it up like so: With some despair and many exhausting line-up changes, then adding some more disillusionment and confusion, before plummeting back into the dark caverns of weary defeat, this lot have gathered some semblance of life and have put together some music which does the bands legacy some justice.

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We catch up with these guys as they begin a new chapter and fight hard for survival as the current line-up kick our ears about whilst smothering us in confetti. Jules Millis is now taking on lead vocals with Jay Pepper leaping around on lead guitar; Rob Wylde plucking frivolously on bass plus Matt Blakout beating the proverbial out of the drums.

Look out for their homage to AC/DC during the performance of 'Shoe Collector' which has a cool chorus, but showcases a less-produced sound overall. This is an enjoyable stomp nevertheless and leads us into 'One Life' which builds from the atmospheric opening. Carrying a soft verse and an instant chorus, 'One Life' is radio-friendly and sets the listener up for 'Bite The Hand'.

This third track has the chant-a-long chorus that one would hope for when listening to Tigertailz. The energy remains relentless and there's definitely some attitude flying about in and amongst the whirlwind of hooks and almost punk-driven music. 'Bite The Hand' passes by in the blink of an eye as 'Spit It Out' charges out of the cage that it was locked in. This proves to be another infectious slice of the Tigertailz cake with an annoyingly catchy hook.

'Punched In The Gutz' is the final moment of sleazy glamour on offer. Once more our ears are confronted by the in-your-face vibrant showcase that has smothered us on the previous four tracks. If enthusiasm and energy in conjunction with hooks sounds like your kind of thing, then you'll find plenty to enjoy on this extended player.

If they intended to record a fairly straight forward, low budget affair that enabled them to show their fans the hooks, the rampant guitar and the energy they felt as a unit, then mission accomplished! Fans will rejoice that somehow the band has defied certain demise and are quite evidently alive and kicking, plus have these new and exciting songs too!

Put your brainz on temporary hold, and shamelessly rejoin this party because apparently these guys aren't going to go down without a fight. The 'Knives' are most certainly out.

Jules Millis - Lead vocals
Jay Pepper - Lead guitar
Rob Wylde - Bass
Matt Blakout – Drums

1. Shoe Collector
2. One Life
3. Bite The Hand
4. Spit It Out
5. Punched In The Gutz

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