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'The Opposites Of Light'
(Cargo Records)
Release Date: 5th May 2014

Gary 'Rockulus' Clarke

Rockulus Maximus

die so fluid

I was listening to this album on constant rotation for a day or two and digesting their collection of influences and textures, when I noticed in their press release they acknowledged the band's growth: "...and with each recording Die So Fluid have flaunted their individuality."

It's a cool thing to witness a band evolve with each album as they stretch themselves further and tackle the potential issue of their identity.

It has been mentioned by many of my peers in this field that with a changing music business climate come impatient record labels; hoping to sign an instantly commercial success story in their admirable efforts to make a profit. They are business people after all, but this isn't about reviewing the music business but more about a three-piece who hail from both the UK and the U.S. as their Facebook profile announces.

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On 'The Opposites Of Light' there are 16 tracks that await you. This may be somewhat overwhelming, but it was a case of being away from the recording process for nearly four years and presumably a backlog of new material was being constantly amassed?

Personnel brought in for this album include Samy Bishai tackling strings with Ivan Hussey providing complimentary moments on the cello. The trio that make up Die So Fluid remain the same as they were in 2000; charismatic vocalist and bassist Georgina 'Grog' Lisee, Mr Drew shredding guitars and Al Fletcher beating the skins baby!

Each and every track on display here is a genuine song; no room for atmospheric fillers or wee instrumental breaks. 'Falcons' provokes imagery of a windswept desert as it moves forward with rolling drum beats and cymbals to what is essentially a spacious track, incorporating plenty of guitar and strings. Final track 'Sparks' starts out bluesy in tone with a modern slant. Like tumbleweed taken by a strong breeze, this song rolls along with a subtle and infectious lyrical refrain sung by Grog: "My love is real".

'Dream Sequence' offers up another side to their output with its inclusion providing a platform for Die So Fluid to explore more atmospheric territory. As a contrast to the almost cinematic scope of this track, they crush with a song like 'Crime Scene' which grapples the ears with blunt intent.

Also while I remember, concerning 'Comets' it's worth mentioning it was mixed by Sylvia Massy. The impressive body of work that Massy has amassed (where she's been in the producer's chair or an engineer) includes Tool, System of a Down, Prince and her collaborations with Rick Rubin on several releases.

Once 'Comets' fades out of view, your ears are confronted by an Egyptian quality thanks to 'Black Blizzard' and then song number four 'Anubis' rides an interesting rockin' arrangement. One section is reminiscent of Nirvana at their finest, but it's not overly prominent. 'Carnival' walks in the shadow of the now defunct Swedish Metal female combo called Drain STH, or as some may compare, a female-fronted Alice in Chains.

There are so many flavours scattered throughout 'The Opposites Of Light' that the album keeps on giving with each spin. Imagine driving down a country lane and constantly seeing something new through the window. The strength of this album is captured by the strength of the material and diverse nature they have tapped within the parameters of the Metal style they play.

Part of me thought the album was too much and some trimming was required, plus on the first listen I found myself searching for some stand out tracks with infectious hooks; but this band don't tick like that.

They have grown in to their skin and they are sculpting their brand of music on their terms mixing up many melodies and riffs, so ultimately 'The Opposites Of Light' is a Die So Fluid album. The production is a super bedfellow for the music they have assembled here and if you were to take a chance with this band, I would say this album is a good place to start if you're not already tuned into their musical world.

Black Blizzard
You Suffocate We All Suffer
Crime Scene
The World Opposite
Echo Of A Lie
Violent Delights
Dream Sequence
The Road To San Sebastian




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