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'Statues Fall'
Release Date: Out Now!

Gary 'Rockulus' Clarke

Rockulus Maximus


This German Heavy Metal quintet has finally unleashed their debut album after initially being founded back in 2008.

Something most German Metal bands pull off with fine aplomb is their self-discipline within the arrangements. Think of bands like Primal Fear who present a jagged razor sharp riff-driven approach; tight and delivered with vigour. These are the ingredients that await those who dare to delve in to this new offering as the vocals with a slight rough edge sit comfortably on top.

'In A Dream' complete with some expletives gallops along astride a rampant riff and throws in gang-vocals to boot. The title track is full of Metallic gusto and leads off directly from a cheesy opening with 'Intro'. This album feels like the meeting of two minds; the "old skool" and the modern day approach to production values. The results of such a combination in this instance works well. Energy, enthusiasm and a self-belief in their presentation all add a bite to the process, with the faint odour of sweat and grass-stained denim not far away.

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'Rising' shares a slightly less potent force as the lyrical refrain of "like a phoenix rising" circles the air at appropriate moments. For those pondering over whether the album contains an Ozzy Osbourne cover version with 'Shot In The Dark' can be rest assured that Edgedown are on a mission to showcase their own material only. I'd personally take Ozzy's song over this one any time, as Edgedown push their Metallic facets in the face of those who watch but lack a real hook or magic factor.

After yawning and stretching throughout 'Shot In The Dark', we're welcomed by some finger-picking soft guitar as 'Wasting Time' sways in to earshot. I must admit this song is a real highlight and gives the listener a different side to the band as opposed to the attitude showcased on a track like 'In A Dream'.

Riding a wave of quality, Edgedown deliver another bright beacon of Metal as they're joined by Serenity vocalist Georg Neuhauser on 'Live Together Or Die Alone'. Soaring like an epic anthem in places, this track is calculated and delivered with a fine ear to what works best for the song. The same could be said for 'No Ones Prey' although it doesn't possess quite the same gravitas.

The band don't side with predictability which is a positive point as you sit there digesting 'Fate' expecting it to be their most Metal-driven moment yet, but they bring the tempo down during the onslaught for a brief moment. Bidding farewell, 'Statues Fall' winds down with final track 'Flames' which starts out with some pouring rain and then a strummed acoustic guitar. For a band who play rigid Hard Rock/Heavy Metal it's a surprise to see them tackle some mellow moments like 'Flames' but they pull it off.

I would have to say that despite my initial reservations and expectation, 'Statues Fall' isn't bad. Compact and bijou at nine songs and an overly clichéd introduction, you get to process what is on offer and get to grapple with its content. The musicianship is ideal, the production values are just right and for the most part, the music isn't bad.

Do they possess the ability to grow and tap in to their strengths? Only time will tell.

Statues Fall
In A Dream
Shot In The Dark
Wasting Time
Live Together Or Die Alone
No Ones Prey




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