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(Scarlet Records)
18th April 2014

Gary 'Rockulus' Clarke

Rockulus Maximus


I don't know what they put in the water over in Italy, but I'm suspecting the ingredients of a multi-vitamin breakfast cereal, perhaps some sweat from super-fast athletes or maybe an injection of endorphins have made their way in the supply!

I say this because the powerful female-fronted Metal quintet got together in 2013 and they're already sharing their debut offerings with us. Phew... I'm exhausted just trying to get my head around it all.

The music is furious bordering on being Symphonic but not quite as they embrace some modern studio trickery and great production to add extra crunch to the guitars. This mighty Metallic quintet is Chiara being melodic, powerful and sweet simultaneously on vocals; lead guitar and contributing backing vocals is Marco; Sandro handles rhythm guitar with Luca tackling duties on the bass and Giulio being credited for both drums and keys.

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'Tell Me' does an honourable job of projecting their attitude and sound out of the gates from the beginning with 'Heavens Above' capitalising on the momentum by offering another driven melodic slice of female-fronted Metal. Listen out for a change of gear during this latter track before they have their foot firmly on the "power" button again.

‘Hero' starts out with a vocal celebration and my mind drifts momentarily to the Eurovision Song Contest before the instrumentation kicks in. This is a rampant anthem as the band throws everything they have at it.

It might well be Marco, but a male in the band is giving some rough vocals an exercise sporadically throughout which gives the band another dimension in the vocal department. There's an official video for their single 'Breathe' which is another moment that shines brightly on this self-titled debut album.Official Music video for 'Breathe'

I find myself forgetting this band hasn't been around for very long when you hear their chemistry working so smoothly.

'Stronger' sweeps along with another effort striding toward a cinematic scope. It really isn't surprising that a record label picked these guys up.

'Scared And Alone' offers up a bellyful of chugging and more pace than the previous two songs. 'To Be With You' isn't a cover version of the Mr Big classic ballad, more in the spirit of what has taken place prior. Loud, yet smooth distorted guitars with complex drumming deep in the mix and some vocal synchronising and weaving.

The album does lack something despite all the loud guitars, great production values and frantic melodies and Metal being exhibited. It all becomes a little too similar I guess, therefore as your ears journey nearer the end, you find yourself being a little bored or distracted.

There is some great material on show for a band that assembled so quickly and was snapped up by a record label. This debut album does have a lot going for it but as an entire release I found myself losing interest a little, as songs like 'Déjà Vu', 'Relentlessly' and once the interesting opening to 'Lotus' had finished, they came and went with a familiar "done-that-and-been-there" approach and presentation.

With more time I suspect they would have found other inventive ways to express their music. As it is, 'Temperance' shows much to applaud and plenty of potential, but it's not going to be hailed as a classic.

Tell Me
Heavens Above
Scared And Alone
To Be With You
The Fourth Season
Déjà Vu




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