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'Revolt' EP
Release Date: 12th May 2014

Gary 'Rockulus' Clarke

Rockulus Maximus


Welcome to the arena of young up and coming vibrant rock bands. They are causing a stir after the success of their debut self-titled EP and being in the prime location of London cannot have done them any harm either.

The five-piece have five brand new tracks they want to share with their fans and newcomers alike which live in the tight production values of 'Revolt'.

The band for those who are interested consists of female vocalist Sante Moonie, with Alex Whiteford on guitar alongside the other guitarist Daniel Harris. These guys are joined by bassist Alex Osborne and drummer Michael Mann. These are the five individuals responsible for capturing and containing a tight representation of what Modern Rock music is today. Vocal melodies with potent lyrics veer left and right on top of a bed of guitar-driven Rock music, creating something that beckons chart-busting status if given the justice.

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'Kings' is our starter for ten as it fades in and then rumbles along with a royal momentum. Guitars are distorted and dark, prickly like a thorny rose leaving only youthful abandonment in its wake. Complete with an adequate hook, 'Kings' is a solid opener. Moonie rapidly shares her words as a guitar fizzles beneath before 'Stand Down' strides into view with a self-confidence that defies the band's short lifespan; they formed in 2012 would you believe?

The third track arrives in the haunting shape of 'Prophecies' which incorporates a catchy “whoa” section which would go down a storm in the live environment. If you're familiar with the Modern Rock marketplace and you enjoy bands like Tonight Alive, The Pretty Reckless and Icon For Hire, then you'll find a lot to embrace on 'Revolt'. Its good stuff and washes over the mind and ears with consummate ease.

With 'Revolt' leaving us to ponder over the state of our relationships, directions in life and who we are as individuals, an acoustic-based opening introduces us to 'Strangers In August'. Sombre and reflective, this last song floats along for the majority of the time dancing in puddles of tears with a spring in its step. The distortion that attends this party in the latter part isn't overly intrusive adding another layer.

Their debut three track E.P. can be found over at if you have the time and inclination. For those who are all set and ready to accommodate the second E.P. by Amaryllis, then rejoice because it is time for the next exciting step of their journey. Take a deep breath and let it be a time to 'Revolt'. (Did I just type that cheesy last line out loud?!)

Stand Down
Strangers In August




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