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'The Fire Inside'
Release Date: Out Now

Gary 'Rockulus' Clarke

Rockulus Maximus


To think that Switzerland have already brought us Rock music in the shape of Gotthard and Krokus amongst many others, you'd think what other audio delights could they export? Well my friend, here is a debut album by another example of accessible Rock music from the country that has a reputation for some tasty chocolate and wonderful scenery.

This quartet have battled in competition and toured various places while all the time developing their sound until the point they were ready to share.

I wouldn't say their music is dynamic or innovative but it is comfortable and easy on the ear with lead vocalist Dominik Naef coming across as a medley of U.S. Rock singers. Occasionally bringing to mind James Hetfield or possibly Brent Smith and others in that ball-park, Naef does an honourable job of lifting the material Woodbridge has on offer. Highlights like 'Addicted', 'Don't Hold Me Back' and the single 'Four Wheels' do a good job of keeping the attention.

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There isn't a lack of potential amongst the material which is a lucky thing due to the cluttered corner of the universe of Rock they wish to dwell. So many bands exist peddling the sound that Woodbridge exhibit here. Think bands like Shinedown, Theory of a Deadman, Seether, Hinder and the wealth of competition that beat these guys to the finish line.

Woodbridge need to either delve deeper or find songs so irresistible they can climb further, or find a way to evolve in to their own skin and deliver a new angle on the sound that exists in this busy marketplace.

Despite my reservations and feeling of an uninspired musical horizon, I found myself tapping my toes along to 'Forever Loud' and 'Next Drink'. My main issue though is about who is likely to buy into this beyond those who stumble across their live shows and wish to buy a copy to reminisce to.

It is the equivalent of a good quality toy replica of Nickelback or one of the bands I made reference to above. If that sounds like your idea of quality and fun, then you've found an album to snog relentlessly until the next album comes out. Alas, I can only muster enough enthusiasm and interest to say it isn't bad, but it hardly gets me aroused.

Born To Rumble
I Feel Free
Lost In Paradise
Life's Hot
Four Wheels
Don't Hold Me Back
Forever Loud
Next Drink

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