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'Highland Bastards' EP
Release Date: 26th May 2014

Gary 'Rockulus' Clarke

Rockulus Maximus

cactus and cardigan

This three-piece are creating a buzz in the Highlands of Scotland and they're also doing something that defies the mainstream, and doesn't cater to compromise.

They roar and stick guitars in your face with some excellent drumming while entertaining their audience with lyrics about anything and everything. I mean if a band releases their debut single online and call it 'Wank Sock', then you know there's something interesting if nothing else on the way.

On the ascendancy, Cactus & Cardigan have already released a previous extended player called 'Gag Reflex' and are now on the next step. The eclectic qualities they exhibited previously with songs like 'George Michael Cums Cobwebs' are perhaps slightly more refined on this release, although when Peter Bacon is screaming throughout '80/20', he is providing topical observation about the meat ratio in a burger from a specific supermarket.

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'Neon Suplex' is a departure from what you'd expect from Cactus & Cardigan and is a real highlight. Incorporating clean vocals and some clean guitar at one point, it shows a genuine progression and maturity within the confines of their surreal and comical lyrical inter-play and their brash yet cohesive delivery.

'Highland Bastards' was recorded and assembled in a log cabin in the north west of Scotland where perhaps the isolation and beautiful environment added something extra and interesting to the process. When feeling the groove and the dark undercurrent to 'Liverkicker' which is an old track they have brought to the table finally, you could be mistaken for thinking such physical surroundings having anything to add to this fury and angst.

Despite the area and the idea that these three rural-based individuals live in such a place, the production values are mighty fine. Their energy and precise timing, the sound of the guitars and the vocal presence are all captured brilliantly.

These six tracks and an ominous intro aren't for the light-hearted it must be reiterated as they are brutal. Noise swirls around like a controlled angry monster which is intent on flattening buildings with only the sound of its roar! Cactus & Cardigan should be quietly proud of the results as this E.P. is superior in many ways to its predecessor.

No song lasts long enough to become annoying and they play to their strengths. Remember where you read about these angry young men with a sense of humour first, because I can see things going from strength to strength.

When There Is No More Room In Hell...
...The Dead Will Walk The Earth
Explosions Implosions
Neon Suplex
Highland Bastards





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