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'Ocean Blade'
Release Date: Out Now!

Gary 'Rockulus' Clarke

Rockulus Maximus

cactus and cardigan

This German-based Heavy Metal quintet set pulses racing apparently with their debut album in 2012 called 'The Warrior's Code'. Clues like they are German and their debut album is titled as such suggest these guys are very much leather wearing, fist clenching Metal music bruisers.

When reading their Facebook profile whilst digesting a second spin of 'Ocean Blade', I carefully noted their subtle underlying agenda: "GLORYFUL's music is not about any clichés or bullshit. It's just what it is: Heavy Metal!" So far; so good.

With a wonderful crisp production which elevates the guitar to the sort of standards that Iron Maiden captured around their 'Powerslave' era in conjunction with the distinct and powerful vocals from Johnny la Bomba they are close to executing something very special.

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If you're unfamiliar with these Metal maestros, imagine if you will the spirit and enthusiasm of Manowar in the same boxing ring as the clinical delivery of most German-based Heavy Metal bands and then throw in a hint of Judas Priest and I would say that this comes close to providing an insight.

There are plenty of opportunities to shout along with the band which adds a special ingredient to the party. Opening track 'Hiring The Dead' is a strong beginning and the rapid attack of 'The Masters Hands' plus an infectious chorus make this a contender for a prominent highlight. 'Cradle Of Heroes' waves the flag for the epic contingent on 'Ocean Blade' and chugs like a good 'un.

With a title like 'All Men To The Arms' you know what you're about to receive and in true predictable fashion Gloryful give it to you right between the eyes. The chorus is immediate and the riffs by this point are notorious in regards to their overall sound and style.

'Ocean Blade' is a straight ahead Metal album with no real quirk or distinctive attempt to break the mould. Their secret weapon is within some of the chorus'and their lead vocalist and some might say their energy and devotion to all things Heavy Metal. If you're hungry to digest this sort of music then Gloryful won't disappoint, but if you're looking for something a little less well-trodden, or something a little more challenging then avoid.

Either way you look at it, 'Ocean Blade' made me wish I had sufficient time to check out my Saxon collection, and then there's the whole excitement and anticipation for the new Judas Priest album. Maybe I'll find a moment when I'm washing the dishes to spin 'Ram It Down'? Phew, where would we be without a bit of Metal running riot in our ears eh?

Hiring The Dead
El Mare E Libertad
Ocean Blade
The Masters Hands
Cradle Of Heroes
Black Legacy
All Men To The Arms
McGuerkin On The Bridge
Siren Song
Ocean Legacy




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