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'Mirror Of Life'
Release Date: Mid-September

Gary 'Rockulus' Clarke

Rockulus Maximus


The release of this album is some way away but the band reached out to me which was very cool of them and they asked me to review it.

In an environment where there are a lot of bands all trying to be noticed and receive recognition, it can be a very tough world. I just want to say thanks to them for having the courage to approach me and also for giving MetalTalk an early chance to share an insight in to their music.

This Metallic tour de force are currently located in London and are made up of five devoted and serious chaps who want to show us the 'Mirror Of Life' amongst other intense overtures. The production is crisp and the songs weave somewhere between System of a Down, Pantera and something unique to their sound.

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Comparisons always make me chuckle, but the best way to receive the vibes of this cohesive and hard working unit is by viewing the official video for the title track.

Metasoma were formed back in 2009 and have been busy touring, writing and battling the many challenges a band can confront. Entering competitions and gaining invaluable experience throughout their lifespan to date, these guys have earned their stripes already. Precision and delivery are so sharp the guitars make the flesh bleed.

They have a sense of their own identity retaining a modern air to what is essentially a 90s flavoured form of Heavy Metal. For a debut album, this is a collection of ten tracks which beckon a serious listen and is impressive when you inhale its fumes.

'I Hide' and 'Rise Up' are brutal and refined simultaneously creating a foreboding atmosphere wrapped within the texture of barbed wire and crushing hammers. They provide a fabulous insight into what is to follow. 'Dead Happy' embeds a groove amongst the battlements in which it's caged whilst 'Rasta Peace' embodies a controlled fury changing gears.

They slice and dice the world of Disney with an edge sharpened by reality. 'Mirror Of Life' is worth adding to your wishlist if you enjoy some no-nonsense Metal magic. I continue to hear subtle flavours like perhaps a rigid and angular Alice In Chains, or a splash of angry Metallica here and there somewhere in the mix.

I wonder if that was a member of the band with the manic laugh during a part of 'Life Deceit'? Maybe the intensity they were capturing in the studio drove them crazy?

To summarise this album, it would be best to say that it carries enough depth for longevity; it's played very well and incorporates plenty of their influences and personality. If I took a gamble and bought this album without hearing it, I'd find myself wiping my brow with relief that it delivers quality.

It is early days, but I'm already curious to know what is coming next by this band. There is plenty of room for growth, and I wouldn't mind a few more hooks or areas within their tracks for some interaction. These are minor gripes though and I feel the future could be bright if they take their time and build on what they have here.

I Hide
Rise Up
Dead Happy
Rasta Peace
I Am Me
Sane Psychopath Addict
Mirror Of Life
Life Deceit
D.W. (A Memory Of Rain)
Too Fast For You

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