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'Tigers Of Junction Street' EP
(Hoffen Records)
Release Date: 28th July 2014

Gary 'Rockulus' Clarke

Rockulus Maximus

Tigers Of Junction Street

This London-based five-piece are modern and jittery in their delivery of the four tracks (plus a tension-building atmospheric piece) making up their debut extended player.

The long term friendship the five members have with each other confirmed that forming the band in 2010 was a necessity, not a possible. Their united goals of pushing their musicianship, having fun and touring different places meant they make a great fit and the music here does indeed show promise.

If you believe the press release or perhaps the band themselves, they swear they're influences include Coheed and Cambria, Yes, King Crimson and TesseracT amongst others. As the often observation goes, these influences are not at all obvious when you listen to the music. The progressive nature of the band is condensed to reasonable durations and they maintain a fresh glow to their tracks.

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'Cold Winter' is a favourite when spinning this EP a few times as it really extends its creative muscles while 'Interlude' lets the party down annoyingly. It is atmospheric and short as it builds the tension for the closing track 'Closed Doors'.

Personally, I would have made it part of 'Closed Doors' and done without a track called 'Interlude', as it implies that people purchasing the E.P. are going to receive five tracks when in fact they're getting four proper songs.

The first two tracks are bouncy, lively and zig-zag around with an edgy presence. Listening to the music makes me think they're all bursting for the toilet and they can't stand still for a moment as all the instrumentation is alive and vital. I mean this in a positive way just so you know. Check out the video for 'Incarnation' to see what I mean.

'The Deception' continues that momentum and the quality is great.

The band name is cool and the music is good stuff, so I guess these guys belong on the "ones to watch" list. An album could be an interesting experience full of intense twists and turns and changes of pace. Just avoid making an instrumental atmospheric piece which segues directly into the following track a thing of the past, and we'll be friends.

This is good stuff and worth your while checking out if time and money allows for such luxuries.

The Deception
Cold Winter
Closed Doors

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