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(AOR Heaven)
Release Date: 23rd June 2014

Gary 'Rockulus' Clarke

Rockulus Maximus

acacia avenue

Danish melodic Rock fan and song-writer Torben Enevoldsen is the main brain behind the second studio album from the name of Acacia Avenue.

If you're expecting or hoping for a band that is heavily influenced by Iron Maiden or a band that appreciate the values of the British Heavy Metal legends album 'Number Of The Beast', then think again. This is a metaphorical stage set for various singers to sing tracks mostly penned by Enevoldsen.

Guest vocalists like Steve Newman (Newman), Rob Moratti (ex-Saga, Final Frontier), Mikael Roupé and Albin Ljungqvist amongst others all make top quality contributions. But somehow I don't think 'Cold' is all about the singers as the songs are the main attraction once you've given this album a spin or three.

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'Love Will Survive' followed by 'It's Over' both offer up some classy and hook-laden light-weight Rock which settle in the ears like your ass nestled in your favourite furniture. The band carries a punch when performing 'Out Of The Business' and the extra crunch makes an appearance through the veins of 'Carry Out' and album-closer 'Freedom From Doubt' which also encompasses a darker tone to its texture. Mind you, when I say a 'punch', I'm making reference in Melodic Rock terms all things being relative.

Torben Lysholm provides a touching performance on the title track which sounds like a wind chime incorporated at times with a flowing rush of harmony and restrained arrangement. 'Signs Of Love' is a strong contender for one of the best songs on this collection in my humble opinion whilst 'You And I' contains moments where the vocals soar.

On reflection 'Cold' doesn't blow my mind by any stretch of the imagination, but it offers up more than an adequate quantity of highlights which will easily satisfy fans of this corner of the universe of Rock. The production, mix and overall audio sheen arrive courtesy of Enevoldsen.

This guy is without a doubt a multi-talented individual who blatantly cherishes a challenge and embraces all things of a melodic nature. 'Cold' is a worthy addition to your Melodic Rock collection and strokes the listening experience whilst wearing an elegant velvet glove.

Apart from a couple of throwaway tracks like 'Calling Out' or 'How Many Nights' which both have their merits, but in comparison to the rest of the album don't quite settle at the same benchmark, 'Cold' was a pleasure to digest.

Love Will Survive
It's Over
Out Of The Business
Signs Of Love
You And I
Calling Out
How Many Nights
Freedom From Doubt

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