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'Devil Man' EP
(Nuclear Blast)
Release Date: 21st October 2013

Gary 'Rockulus' Clarke

Rockulus Maximus

blues pills

You know that feeling when you hear a new band and they stop you in your tracks? That happened to me several months ago when I stumbled across a really interesting hard rock band based in Örebro, Sweden. They released a four track EP called 'Bliss' in 2012 and, thanks to the passionate delivery of vocalist Elin Larsson, blew me away with a track called 'Devil Man'.

Times they change, naturally, and the band have now signed a major record deal with Nuclear Blast and have a new four track EP heading our way.

Imagine an overly excited Janis Joplin exorcising her demons by screaming to the heavens above with pure, raw anguish; supported by three guys who have a serious appreciation for bluesy styled 70s rock music and you're on the same page as me.

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If you too purchased 'Bliss' back in the day and went retro whilst wearing your John Lennon spectacles, swaying to the bluesy-based rhythms of those songs, then you'll be pleased that there is something new with this EP. The only song you'll recognise is 'Devil Man' which as we both know, is a really stunning offering. The following three songs are newcomers and hint at the varying shades these guys conjure.

So you feel laid back man; well indulge those ears in 'The River' or 'Dig In' which both serve up some tasty strolling, rolling bluesy flavoured music. We like surprises too don't we?

Just when you thought you knew that things were over as fourth track 'Dig In' seems done and dusted, it starts up again and let's loose baby! This song in conjunction with 'Devil Man' provides the highlight and perfect book-ends for the EP. Larsson is backed up by Cory Berry on drums, Zack Anderson on bass and playing guitar, Dorrian Sorriaux.

Blues Pills, who have members from France and America as well as Sweden have really provided a wonderful platform to grow from. Hints of Led Zeppelin, Jimi Hendrix and other classic rock bands that your rock bible informed you were influential and fundamental to your knowledge of this scene, spring to mind when you repeatedly listen to 'Devil Man'.

From the emotive, chilled out 'The River' with that tasty guitar solo, to the opening vocal delivery from Larsson at the beginning of 'Devil Man'; to the revved up instrumental workout on the tail end of 'Dig In' to the groove-laden 'Time Is Now', you can't help but feel this is an ideal taster and tease for when they're ready to unleash their full length debut album. Think of this EP as a gratuitous strip-tease that doesn't go all the way.

With bands like Scorpion Child, Orchid and the high-profile exploits of The Temperance Movement more recently, all reminding people that this raw, rock-filled emotional output is as vibrant and important as it was decades ago, then these guys surely have to be taken seriously too?

There is an exciting scene that is receiving recognition by real music fans acknowledging the true musicianship and energy being exhibited by bands like The Graveltones, 68-75, and the mighty Rival Sons. Why not join the party if you're unaware of some modern day class that owes a sincere respect to decades past.

Elin Larsson - Vocals
Cory Berry - Drums
Dorian Sorriaux - Guitar
Zack Anderson – Bass

1. Devil Man
2. The River
3. Time Is Now
4. Dig In

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