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  2 CARDS OF 25
(MGR Music)
13th July 2014

Gary 'Rockulus' Clarke

Rockulus Maximus

2 cards of 25

If you missed the original release date of this second single by 2 Cards of 25 and you were smitten with 'Alice In Wonderland', then you're in for a treat.

Their first single was a rocker and the official video for 'Alice In Wonderland' can be seen right here:

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Not realising what a 'Penumbra' is I checked the dictionary and it explains the following; if regarding a painting it is where light and shade blend. Alternatively in general terms it translates as the edge of a sunspot or where the edges of a half shadow are projected through an opaque object via partial obstruction.

Essentially the main bit you need to know is that it is a piano-driven ballad and is very easy on the ear. Delicate and delightful in equal measures, this shows the band in a very different light (forgive the pun) in comparison to their opening stint as swaggering Rockers.

Colombian-born lead vocalist Diego Gutierrez has adopted London as his home-base as the band gear up to unveil their debut full-length studio album, and this single is intended to be their final single from this forthcoming album.

If you're partial to some good old skool rock music like the melodic side of Guns N' Roses and bands of that ilk, plus imagine a Colombian accent invested in the singing, you will have captured the vibe given of by 2 Cards of 25.

All that is left is for you to stroll on over to your music outlet of choice and give this new single a listen.

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