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'Voodoo Charm'
(Outlaw Country Records)
Release Date: 1st September 2014

Gary 'Rockulus' Clarke

Rockulus Maximus

long john laundry

'Coco's Corner' and 'Wild Evil' both had their moments for sure and seduced my senses. Incorporating all manner of genuine and effortless observation, going hand-in-hand with some bluesy rock n'roll with an edgy quality and grains of sand in the eyes, the songs carried their own charisma and personality.

So what can we expect from the third studio album from the coolest underground guitarist, vocalist and occasional harmonica-wielding hoodlum this time around?

Being truthful, I wasn't impressed with Long John's vocals being so deep in the mix on the opening title track, but things improve from then on. 'True Love Sinner' adds female backing vocals and drives onwards like it's late for an important date whilst 'Tale Of Sin' brings the spirit of Suzi Quatro's 'Devil Gate Drive' to the ceremony.

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If you're unfamiliar with this mischievous dawg and his style of Rock music, then around the time I was reviewing his second album I kept seeing his sound being described as "Outlaw country with a Punk Blues kick!" This barely does justice to the man behind the voice, but suffice to say you're going to get a hint of what's to come with that quote.

'I Wanna Be Your Dawg!' does what it says on the tin crawling on a greasy underbelly complete with some funky brass and a dirty guitar riff. Long John gets mildly possessed by the voice of Barry White as he ventures forth on 'This Stupid Drug' which incorporates strings and presents a full sound with crashing guitars and drums.

With an underlying funk element, 'LA Heart Breaker' wiggles its toosh in the face of any bystanders, before one of two special guests addresses the Long John Laundry audience by appearing on 'Hell I Ain't Your Lovin' Man!' To the backdrop of some bluesy bar instrumentation and rapid tempo. Del Bromham tackles lead guitar. The other contribution placed under the spotlight comes from Brian James playing lead guitar on 'Pretty Things (Damned If We Don't Mix)'.

If you're aware of the London-based band Stray, then you'll know of Del Bromham and Brian James has been associated with many bands over the decades like The Damned and The Lords Of The New Church.

'Nobody's Business' passes by in a whirlpool of sweat and frivolous energy until the baton is passed to 'Pretty Things (Damned If We Don't Mix)' fires on all cylinders. Vocals and guitars gripping on tight to whatever they can as the waves of distortion and frenzy spin very closely out of control, even any 'Voodoo Charm' that existed on this album will have been thrown out of the window!

Injecting soul in to the final curtain which is 'The Revenge Of Rock N Roll', this album goes to any location it fancies. The previous two albums are good templates for the identity of Long John Laundry as album number three conjures up the same voodoo magic. As always, these ten tracks were a joy to revel in, as my ears rolled around like a pig in mud.

If you enjoy blues-based rock n'roll, integrity, an abundance of style and are open-minded sufficiently to allow other influences to creep in via the backdoor, this album will smack a smile on those lips of yours whilst simultaneously conjuring images of dry deserts and dancing tumbleweed. Do yourself a favour and pick up a copy if you dare. It will grow on you without you even noticing.

Voodoo Charm
True Love Sinner
Tale Of Sin
I Wanna Be Yaw Dawg!
This Stupid Drug
L.A Heart Breaker
Hell I Ain't Your Lovin' Man!
Nobody's Business
Pretty Things (Damned If We Don't Mix)
The Revenge Of Rock N Roll

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