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'Tales Of The Brokenhearted Pt.II' EP
(Inverse Records)
Release Date: 20th September 2013

Gary 'Rockulus' Clarke

Rockulus Maximus

cold feet controll

You're hanging out with some likeminded creative friends and you're twiddling those thumbs pondering on what to do with yourselves. The idea to play board games is suggested, and then another person says why not build a dam outside for fun? Maybe you could do some painting or even sit here and talk between swigging some of your favourite liquid sustenance?

No!! If you're these guys who hail from Finland, you get together and take your favourite style of music, in this instance, Metalcore, and you go and write some songs and record them.

Their third EP is indeed trying new directions and offering up some interesting arrangements between those outbursts you enjoy and find familiar from the genre. There are five songs included on 'Tales Of The Brokenhearted, Part II' which showcase melody, brutality, progressive tendencies and much more.

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Not as gritty as early era Avenged Sevenfold, but at times exhibiting moments that are similar to Bury Tomorrow and The Devil Wears Prada, Cold Feet Controll set you up with 'Appreciate It' as the opening number here.

Keys and some soft piano provide the listener with the expectation of some melodious melancholy impending sound, but this grows arms and legs and showcases the band in demanding form. Blossoming into a full-blown accessible song with clear vocals on display, don't let 'Appreciate It' lull you into a full sense of security.

'Despise' is subtle as a sledgehammer with its no nonsense approach. Growling and screaming vocals complement the swirling distorted guitars and the remarkable drumming from Jari Ketola. Studio trickery and effects are sprinkled throughout liberally on this EP and don't distract from the song writing as 'Hold the Thought' comes in to view.

'Hold The Thought' is another juggling trick balancing the aggression in one moment with outbursts of clear vocal deliveries and holds the attention. A real highlight follows in the shape of 'Sacred Lies' which soars to the highest reaches and then dives into the darkness, grime and evil that dwell within the most horrid of souls. There's a melodic segment which makes an appearance throughout and it makes for a refreshing and wonderful contrast to the usual Metalcore horizons.

'Sacred Lies' clocks in at just over five minutes making it retain the distinction of being the longest track here.

Finally on 'Tales Of The Brokenhearted, Part II' our ears get to hear 'Walk On The Edge' which once again takes us in to more familiar waters.

One of the two guitarists in the band called Juuson Bergdahl is responsible for the song-writing, and is an ambitious individual. He really demands a lot from the other five members as tempo changes and emotions change in the blink of an eye. As 'Walk On The Edge' fades out of earshot with a guitar sustain, the silence is deafening.

If I had five friends with creative and musical tendencies who wanted to be pushed in their playing to the maximum, and wanted them to share in my emotional turmoil then this is perhaps the sort of sound I might envision. It's an intense extended player with moments of reprieve and plenty of angst which grows on you the more times you give it a spin.

If you're partial to some screamo-style of Metal with a melodic sensibility, you could do worse than check these guys out.

Denis Hautaniemi - Vocals
Mika Lahti - Vocals
Juuso Bergdahl - Guitar
Tommi Dahl - Guitar
Mikko Keränen - Bass
Jari Ketola – Drums

1. Appreciate It
2. Despise
3. Hold The Thought
4. Sacred Lies
5. Walk On The Edge

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