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'We're All Gonna Die'
(Nuclear Blast)
Release Date: 18th November 2013

Gary 'Rockulus' Clarke

Rockulus Maximus

generation kill

The second album by this heavyweight juggernaut founded by Exodus frontman Rob Dukes and Rob Moschetti, known at one time for his work with New York Hardcore legends Pro-Pain, is an eight track affair that twists and turns in its own darkness, complete with razor sharp riffs and moments of aggressive Progressive Metal bliss.

With these credentials you'd be forgiven for having high expectations, especially as this is their sophomore release.

Containing eight tracks, the album leaps out with the straight forward 'Born To Serve' which complete with expletives runs rampant in the ears. Listen out for a very cool lead guitar dual taking place in the second half of the song.

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The momentum is shaken up after the immediate halt to proceedings signifying the end to this track, when some guitar picking introduces first single 'Prophets Of War'. Dukes gets the opportunity to exercise a different singing style and it really works as the song builds into a more familiar wall of distorted guitar.

'Prophets Of War' fades out to the instrumentation providing a backdrop to a sample of President Obama discussing the end of the world and the end of the United States of America as he addresses some issues about Iraq.

'Death Comes Calling' slows the pace but not the intensity. “Self-loathing is my home” hollers Dukes as the riffs stagger and the music lumbers along. To jolt you from the peaceful slumber, 'Friendly Fire' bursts out with all guns blazing. Fast paced and in your face, this feels like a new Exodus track! Feeling somewhat unsettled and not convinced I know what's coming next, I brace myself.

'Carny Love' starts up like a warped Rob Zombie-inspired narrative before the band slowly crank up the intensity. To my ears as Dukes shouts out the title of the song, it sounds uncannily like "Courtney Love" he's announcing, not "Carny Love", but my ears can be fickle creatures.

On the whole though, this track offers up a different texture to its predecessors and works well.

Celebrating the city of sin, 'Vegas' cruises along on some tasty riffs as Dukes allows some fantasies of female encounters to blossom lyrically. After around two minutes of this up-tempo charge, the song breaks down for some dark imagery to be conjured by the band and then we're racing to the finish line.

'There Is No Hope' is the longest track on 'We're All Gonna Die' reaching out a little short of eight minutes. This song is a real gem and lifts the album to another level as the band extends their creative muscles even further.

To finish off this journey we're then exposed to the title track which doesn't hang around; the lyrical bombardment coming as quick-fire words of disapproval against those in power. The band state quite proudly that Generation Kill is not a side-project, and on a performance like this album I'm pleased to hear it.

Flurries of razor sharp riff, singing, shouting and some mellow moments all create a palette that's more diverse than you'd expect.

1. Born To Serve
2. Prophets Of War
3. Death Comes Calling
4. Friendly Fire
5. Carny Love
6. Vegas
7. There Is No Hope
8. We're All Gonna Die

Rob Dukes: Vocals
Rob Moschetti: Bass/Backing vocals
Jason Trenzcer: Lead Guitar
Jason Velez: Lead Guitar
Jim DeMaria: Drums

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