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'Timeless... The Musical Legacy'
(Universal Music)
Release Date: 25th November 2013

Gary 'Rockulus' Clarke

Rockulus Maximus


Hey there groovy cats! If you're like me and already have their compilation called 'The Very Best Of Badfinger' then there are some additions here that may persuade you to take more interest.

The reason for the release of this compilation is to capitalise on the inclusion of 'Baby Blue' within the final sequence of the TV series 'Breaking Bad'.

With such an adored TV series reaping recognition from all quarters, it shouldn't have been a surprise that such a poignant moment in the entire TV series should see the song in question gather momentum in various charts and as a consequence, we now have a collection of the finer moments of what is an understated classic rock band.

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For those of you who cherish the repeats of The Professionals on the telly, you'll be familiar with the actor Lewis Collins who played William Bodie. He sadly passed away recently, but the reason for bringing this up is that he was the son of Bill Collins who managed an early version of Badfinger. It's one of those things that some people don't know and I thought I would throw in.

After The Beatles approved of the band being signed to Apple Records, their first single was unleashed in the shape of 'Maybe Tomorrow' but they weren't known as Badfinger at this time. Their name was The Iveys.

The other song which was released by them when they were known as The Iveys was the track 'Dear Angie' which is also included on this "best of" type collection. We won't get bogged down in the schematics or backgrounds to the music too much, suffice to say that this music is excellent.

'Without You' is still as beautiful as it was the first time I heard it many years ago. It's what some define as a classic. The U.S. single mix of 'Baby Blue' doesn't do any damage as the song sways to its own charms regardless. Other classic 'finger tracks included here are 'Day After Day', 'Come And Get It' (a personal fave), 'No Matter What' and 'Rock Of All Ages.' Wonderful is one word that springs to mind along with several positive adjectives which would ruin the flow of the review.

Harmony vocals, subtle melodies and excellent execution all make this compilation a real treat. The inclusion of the epic closing song from their fourth and final studio album 'Ass' back in 1974 was a delight. 'Believe Me' was a breath of fresh air to my ears and only goes to reiterate how their music was so underrated at the time.

'Name Of The Game' and 'Dennis' are both familiar if you already have 'The Very Best Of...' but keep an ear out for 'Suitcase' and 'Love Is Gonna Come At Last' which are both cool moments.

If you missed these guys when they were new and hip baby during those early 70s, then you have a chance right now to ride the wave of interest and check them out. Maybe you are one of the many that have discovered 'Baby Blue' and you're curious about the band, well then here is your chance.

Don't expect Heavy Metal, but place your mind in the sound of a lighter and fluffier version of Boston perhaps? Maybe think of The Beatles and then toughen up the sound a little? My ears are not always on the same level as yours, but either way, if you're looking for something a little classic, you could do a lot worse than this re-mastered nostalgic expedition in to some top tunes mate.

Day After Day
Without You
Rock Of All Ages
Dear Angie
Come And Get It
Maybe Tomorrow
No Matter What
Baby Blue [U.S. Single Mix]
Believe Me
Name Of The Game
I'll Be The One
Apple Of My Eye
Love Is Gonna Come At Last




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