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'Men Without Armies'
Release Date: Early Spring

Gary 'Rockulus' Clarke

Rockulus Maximus

men without armies

Brennan Dylan began his musical journey by playing the saxophone when he was only ten years old. Pointing its ominous finger at him, Fate had dictated his destiny was in the world of music.

Every molecular part of his body was devoted to this commitment when he picked up the guitar at 14 years old and Dylan devoted every waking hour to something related to music. This sort of devotion and dedication is rare.

I know of music fans, but they have to accept that life brings in other distractions and eventualities. To stumble across someone else as devoted as I am, as obsessed as I am, is refreshing and totally cool.

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This six track extended player is what we're here to discuss. When you hear the line "Metal is my religion" (from the song 'Metal Rain') you quietly think to yourself this is a statement of truth, no doubt about it. The riffage is sharp and concise with attitude dribbling over the top as the gases rise and fill the senses.

This is primitive and feels grubby and grimy like the dirt I'd imagine finding layered on the streets of New York City. With a vibe of the urban environment; the passion from each of the three members beating Metallic hearts and their own aptitude with their instruments, this self-titled E.P. is full of no-nonsense diligence and delivery.

None of the songs here overstay their welcome as 'Bitter Little Pill' pushes through the crowd with an eagerness to reach the front! The sound is busy and impressive considering this is a three-piece. These six tracks keep their foot firmly on the accelerator and the content of this E.P. was recorded in a mere eight days.

Their attitude towards recording has been captured in their performances as 'Metal Rain' thunders forth in to 'She Wears Plastic'.

My only criticism about 'Men Without Armies' is that it lacks a little diversity, but I can tell you that if you're in an aggravated or stressed out mood then this E.P. will satisfy easily.

While listening to this brutal assault with gruff vocals and tireless performances, I wonder what these guys would be like within the live environment. I suspect they'd be a blast man! There's a video out there for the next track called 'The Devil's Bride'.

That should inform your eyes and ears regarding all you need to know about this band.

'The Gift' and 'NYC' finish off what is left of my hearing. They are a hard working trio who will not merely be knocking on your door when they're in your neighbourhood, but will more than likely bash it in. (You don't think that's too melodramatic?).

With guitar aplenty and a cohesive overall vibe, 'Men Without Armies' is hungry and sincere. If it was an animal, it would be a snapping angry dog pulling at its lead trying to bite you; saliva dripping from its jaws as it bares its teeth. This is only a six track taster of what they can do, so a full length album could provide more answers to their depth of diversity and advise our ears regarding their true personality.

Maybe Men Without Armies are just a Metallic beast who are angry at the world and salute Metal wherever they go? One thing is for sure, it doesn't mess about!

Bitter Little Pill
Metal Rain
She Wears Plastic
The Devil's Bride
The Gift

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