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'Lucky Machine' EP
Release Date: Out Now!

Gary 'Rockulus' Clarke

Rockulus Maximus

engines of vengeance

This Edinburgh four-piece have released a previous extended player in 2012 called 'Lions & Rockets', then in 2013 they unleashed their second EP 'Lucky Machine'.

Due to the DIY approach this band has adopted, it may be possible that this release has slipped by unnoticed, so here we are giving you a chance to catch up. The crew working tirelessly here at are good like that.

Mercy Breheny isn't like a great many other female lead vocals you've heard, and this is evident when you wrap your ears around these five tracks. Accompanied by three eager enthusiasts of old school Heavy Metal, especially moments of Iron Maiden-ish guitar work, they embrace their angst and frustrations and invest them in their songs. Fuelled on their interests of dragons, demons, wizards and kings along with black wind, fire and steel, they grip the crotch of those who stop and listen to them, and squeeze very tightly!

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'Marwencol' is the first out of the gates. Full of fury and intent, this rollercoaster of an opening track has broken its brakes and it just flows with a curious up tempo metal heart. Hot on its spiky stiletto heels is 'Parasitology' which starts out with a groove and then reveals some different textures on the verse. The chorus ends with the word 'Bloodsucker' as Breheny belts out each and every syllable.

The beginning of 'Behemoth' for a split second reminded me of the fabulous Ramones but naturally doesn't dwell in such territory. The song evolves with its rugged Heavy Metal credentials and boots a passing butterfly in the head. Incidentally, the lyrics aren't painting pictures in a way you'd expect Ronnie James Dio would; instead this is attitude-injected wording with the odd expletive for good measure. Also while I recall as this E.P. gets its umpteenth spin on my demon-player, these guys know how to end a song. It is abrupt and intense each time which sits comfortably with their delivery as a whole.

Like riding a bicycle over bumpy terrain, 'Legion' bounces along vibrating to each and every crack and hole in the ground, offering up space for some rigorous riffs to slither out like serpents. Someone or something has a lot to answer for, because all I can deduce is these guys were seriously aggravated when they recorded these Metal morsels.

Talking of Metal morsels, my highlight from 'Lucky Machine' is the album closer 'Slaves Of Chronos' which starts out lunging like a rabid boxer. Fists flying through the air and the sound of broken glass and creaking furniture being moved, are the sounds that were removed from the session that brought this song to my ears. It is relentless as the drama overflows bringing us to another superb and abrupt ending.

'Lucky Machine' is a marauding and rampaging untamed beast that creates imagery akin to a bull in a china shop! If that sounds like a party you want to share with your ears, then this extended player is worthy of digging up. If it was a vehicle, 'Lucky Machine' would be a turbo charged military tank that bulldozes its way over and through everything that lies in its path!

Whilst wearing a distinctively primitive Heavy Metal overcoat, this band somehow entertains as they plough their wares and shove your face in some very moist mud. Now where did I leave my med kit; there's blood leaking from somewhere?

Slaves Of Chronos

Vocals - Mercy Breheny
Bass -Roland Wagstaff
Guitar - Callum Morrison
Drums - Felix Adamson

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