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(CS Records)
Release Date: Out Now!

Gary 'Rockulus' Clarke

Rockulus Maximus


Leaping out of the shadows of Sweden come another fine example of a Rock band which fuse melody within their output.

In 2012 this experienced quintet pieced together an album called 'Into The Garden' which contained an impressive 17 tracks and bonus DVD. Exhaustive introductions were created with this album and why so many songs on their first studio album together?

Well, they had 60 or so tracks to choose from and the quality by their own admission was so good, that it was difficult to narrow the amount to just 17 tracks. That's not the sort of burden most bands encounter, but Colorstone have approached their sophomore album with a new refreshed perspective and 'Steam' only contains 10 songs.

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Two singles were revealed before the release of this album; 'Never Too Late' and 'Gotto Groove' both showcasing some melody mixed in with an urgency to compact a solid hook-laden track in to a short duration. It would seem that Colorstone were keen to adopt this attitude on all aspects of 'Steam'. Compact and bijou is the order of the day here. Incidentally, both of these songs are very ear-friendly, good production values and musicianship on show.

Wrap your eyes and ears around this official video for 'Never Too Late' for something to digest.

There is currently a buzz and eager anticipation surrounding the next H.e.a.t album which makes sense due to their successful 'Address The Nation' release. They are another example of top quality Melodic Rock being exported from Sweden to those with an ear for such a scene.

I often marvel at the consistent outpouring of such melodic-based Rock music from that nation and such is the case when I listen to 'Steam'. The effortless flow and reflection tucked within 'Best Of Me' which drives through the chorus and then changing down the gears for the verses is one dimension of Colorstone.

Another side of the band can be heard on 'Don't Just Dream About It' which prowls to begin with before exhibiting some Pop sensibilities on the chorus. There's a tasty cohesive quality to this mid-tempo song which also incorporates a punchy bridge towards the latter part. Incidentally, have you noticed how track number seven on an album tends to be really strong or is that just me?

More highlights dance in my ears like 'Stone Temple' which gives way to its soft caress and finger-plucked tenderness; the frantic onward momentum of 'Breakdown' and the quirky album closer 'When I'm Gone' which adopts a groove to ride.

Without catering to the major record labels and going down any other avenue than their own, it would appear that their self-belief is well judged and their performances and passion for their craft are well placed as they motor along under their own 'Steam'. Let's hope they don't lose momentum due to the monopoly of budgets offered by impressive business machines that promote other bands, and here's hoping that those of you who appreciate and enjoy good quality Melodic Rock give these guys a fair chance.

They do say quality outshines other distractions, so give them a listen and board this train at your own convenience; full 'Steam' ahead.

Never Too Late
Gotto Groove
Like A Whisper
September Rain
Fighting For A Cause
Don't Just Dream About It
Stone Temple
Best Of Me
When I'm Gone




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