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'The Lights Of Distorted Science' [Bonus Edition]
(Rocksector Records)
Release Date: Out Now

Gary 'Rockulus' Clarke

Rockulus Maximus

captain horizon

This Birmingham-based Alternative Rock troupe unleashed their debut full length studio album 'The Lights Of Distorted Science' initially around 2012 I believe, and as my Gran always used to say, "You never know what is around the next corner".

It applies to this quartet as their debut album gets re-released as a digital download with some bonus tracks tucked on the end. The reason for this re-release is due to their alliance with a record label called Rocksector Records who hope to be releasing their sophomore studio album too.

'Patch' is the main focus due to its allocation as the single. Rocksector Records have made sure you get the edited version as one of the bonus goodies allowing you and me to compare it to the album version which is longer in duration. 'Patch' is essentially a tribute to those who died during the First World War and instigated by the last surviving veteran of those dark days, Harry Patch.

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This concept isn't original unfortunately as Radiohead had already tackled the very same idea in 2009 with the song 'Harry Patch (In Memory Of)', but this point doesn't detract from the Captain Horizon song which is still rather good.

If you have a spare moment and feel so inclined, you can check out the official video for this song here.

What of these bonus tracks I hear you cry? Apart from adding the single edit version of 'Patch' you also get access to two real exclusive treats.

The first goes by the name of 'The River' which calls out to their rocking side. It's not bad, but it didn't blow my socks off. (I don't mean that last phrase as a literal one, otherwise that would just be plain weird and would defy gravity and all we know about physics!)

The second bonus song is called 'Ex Deus' and juggles dramatic outbursts with tranquil passages. My ears preferred the latter over the former. There's an entertaining chant-a-long during the tail end of 'Ex Deus' which I really enjoyed .

Other album highlights which were available when this album was initially released include 'Shadows And Vampires', the downbeat and acoustic-based 'Pious' and 'Light Years' (no relation to the Pearl Jam song from 'Binaural'). Overall, 'The Lights Of Distorted Science' is mostly light-weight sounding Alternative Rock instrumentally speaking.

They could be in the same ball park as Biffy Clyro as they hint at rockier and edgier outbursts like on 'Light Years' and seem comfortable peddling their less distorted guitars simultaneously. They weave their vocal melodies throughout the presentation and keep the proceedings entertaining and progressive.

My only real criticism of 'The Lights Of Distorted Science' is that it all felt a little bloated and flabby. I suspect my opinion of this debut studio album would have been full of positivity if they had trimmed the songs in places.

I'm very curious to hear what they will do with this next album and what lessons they have learned since releasing several E.P.s and this album. As a curiosity and an afterthought I ponder what could be created with a large sound and good production boosting what could be a significantly different atmosphere to their song-writing.

But that's more an issue of budget and convenience more than it is a criticism of their music.

To summarise; this is a band worthy of keeping an eye on over the next few years. From this listening experiment in to lights of distorted science, I would humbly deduce there is plenty of potential and the future could be bright.

The Light
Shadows And Vampires
The Sun Has Set
Bottom Of Your Heart
Light Years
Judge You
Brand Me A Ghost
Orn Up My World
The River
Ex Deus
Patch [Single Edit]

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