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'Let The World Know'
(Spinefarm Records)
Release Date: Out Now

Gary 'Rockulus' Clarke

Rockulus Maximus

dead by april

I wanted to go in to my local pub and ask them for some Swedish melodic Metalcore with a side portion of fries, and perhaps some salad including a slice of pickled beetroot if they had any.

Naturally I didn't because here at the mighty MetalTalk, a copy of 'Let The World Know' was thrust in my sweaty and eager palms! As for the side portion of fries and the salad, I decided to raid my freezer and fridge accordingly to satisfy my humble appetite.

Despite line-up changes and what seems like a rugged road of misadventure, this quintet with new singer Christoffer Andersson in to replace Jimmie Strimell on the screaming lung-busting sections, have finally put creativity back in to the recording studio for album number three.

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If you're more than partial to these guys, then you'll already have the album and won't be that interested in this review, but was the wait worth it? Since 'Incomparable' was unleashed back in 2011, it's taken them a while to get this out. According to the band, they wanted to get everything as right as possible sighting their very best as the reason for the delays. When I read comments like that, I get immediately excited as my expectations want to be blown away by the end product.

My only real minor quibble about this album after blasting the ceiling off with repeated listens, is how they may have made this album so utterly clinical that any real vibrant life lurking within has been obliterated?! This is merely subjective, but the energy levels are rampant and the hooks are looming like a cloud of dark smoke overhead.

If you compare this album for example with their self-titled debut, there was more life in that 2009 studio offering. When they were nasty, they really didn't hold back with a sound made out of metal spikes and infected blisters, and when they offered up their melodious parts, they made tree branches wilt with empathy.

'Beautiful Nightmare' is a great opening song which incorporates an accessible balance between their aggressive overtures via Andersson and the clean vocal delivery of Zandro Santiago. 'Same Star' cranks up the aggression but doesn't lose sight of the surrounding musical environment.

There are melodies which are almost enhanced with the super production which provides a pleasant gloss to the proceedings. The title track offers up a very chart-friendly opening tease before settling in to entertain the listener with some sweeping strings and soaring chords providing copious amounts of soft drama. Inevitably there are those Jekyll and Hyde moments where Andersson adds some rasping and rustic growls.

I'm old enough to recall the days of 'Space Invaders' and the occasions when I would enter an arcade and hear the orchestra of beeps, blips and other assorted analogue sound effects! It's fun picking out the contributions of such sounds on this album, although I'm exaggerating a little. These added studio elements using the keys all add a sprinkling of something extra to the overall output whilst assisting the silky smooth edges to remain inoffensive.

The 13 songs keep the attention and despite the stale vibe that I personally experienced whilst listening to it, songs like album closer 'Replace You' which wades in like a shameless ballad complete with strings and clean vocals, whispers in the ear how it would love to be a HUGE chart-breaking hit single! The actual single which is titled 'As A Butterfly' is pure unadulterated Dead By April and satisfies with the contrasting vocal deliveries without losing the listener in anything too convoluted.

I knew what I was going to hear for the majority of this even before I pressed play. So in that respect the element of surprise was non-existent. If you love what these guys have released to date, then you'll be thrilled to know that they're not really breaking new ground. They are doing what they have always done, but offering up a better overall performance. The arrangements work very well, the production values are top notch and their performances are coordinated and cohesive. Now then, I simply must attend to my salad before it gets cold.

Beautiful Nightmare
Done With Broken Hearts
As A Butterfly
Same Star
Let The World Know
Peace Of Mind
Freeze Frame
Infinity x Infinity
My Tomorrow
Hold On
Replace You

beer beer beerbeerbeer



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