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22nd November 2013

Nik Underwood: Pictures Sean Cameron, Taryn Masson

nik underwood


The Buckcherry/Hardcore Superstar circus rolls into town for the first night of their joint headline tour and it's clear from the off that Buckcherry mean business.

It's freezing outside but a sold out crowd has already been roasted by the sleaze-punk stylings of Hardcore Superstar but when Keith Nelson slides into the familiar opening chords of Lit Up, Koko is practically ablaze. The Buckcherry anthem has both band and audience jumping, singer Josh Todd looking lean and mean head to toe in black topped off with bandana and shades, prowling the stage then erupting into his trademarked crazy-legged jig.

Perhaps spurred on by an impressive set by their tour companions, the Buckcherry lads seem aggressive and determined, almost trying to prove that after 15 years they can still rock like the young bucks full of vigour and vim that burst on to the scene at the turn of the century. No worries there of course as they barrel into Rescue Me then boastful mission statement All Night Long.

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The soundman now seems to have woken up to the fact that there are two guitarists as although we have seen Stevie D grinning like the Cheshire Cat in a hat, running on the spot and seating up a storm with the rest of the gang we can now finally hear him.

The lighting guy/gal however seems to be operating on a rudimentary colour chart. This song is RED! The next song is BLUE! Heartfelt ballad Sorry is GREEN... These are minor quibbles however and although the setlist offers up nothing in the way of surprises (although it was great to hear a rare outing for 'Porno Star' from my favourite album 'Timebomb'). I don't think anybody here is disappointed.


The newer material from this year's 'Confessions' album holds it's own amongst the classics with single 'Gluttony' being a standout. The now shirtless Josh has Koko in the palm of his hand and by the time he barks out the decidedly un-PC hit 'Crazy Bitch' the building is near fever pitch as the set is brought to a close.

After a brief pause the band return for a run through new song Wrath and then finally Onset from the mega album 15. A few "We love you!"'s and it's off into the night to do whatever it is Rockstars do after a great show...


It's a bravura performance and crap lighting aside Buckcherry sure did deliver the goods. Together with Hardcore Superstar this is one Rock'n'Roll circus well worth running away to see. Roll up! Roll up!

Lit Up
Rescue Me
All Night Long
Dead Again
Porno Star
Nothing Left But Tears
For The Movies
Crazy Bitch








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