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'Words Of Silence'
(Bakerteam Records)
Release Date: 28th October 2013

Ian Sutherland

ian sutherland


Female fronted Metal bands are an established Metal sub-genre in parts of mainland Europe and over the last ten years have broken through to the mainstream with the success of Nightwish, Within Temptation, Epica and others.

The appeal of this kind of dark, melodic and often symphonic take on Metal seems to be growing and new bands are popping up everywhere.

Sorronia are a Hungarian five piece who have placed themselves firmly in the genre with 'Words Of Silence', their debut album. I was pleasantly surprised at the level of ambition here, they have gone the whole hog with specially commissioned artwork and a suitably moody video up on YouTube already for 'Enemy Of Yourself'.

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Thankfully all their ambition is backed up by some very impressive music. They have a melodic, almost understated sound with plenty of keyboards in evidence which work together with the guitar to create the melodies and colours and textures in their sound, often working beautifully together.

Vocally singer Anna Kiraly is at the lighter end of the female vocal spectrum, offering a mellow, ethereal style rather than any operatic leanings, with the band being left to add the drama to the song's genre typical stories of love, loss and tragedy.

'Fallen Angel' surprises with it's unexpected spoken word sections amongst the gothic Metal stylings, 'Leave It Behind' gives the album some extra energy with some double bass drum bursts and a really nice guitar solo while 'Enemy Of Yourself' does the quiet verse big chorus thing quite well.

My favourite track here though is 'My Eternal Land' with it's slow build, chugging guitar and memorable chorus, hopefully a direction their songwriting will follow on the next album.

Verdict: I really warmed to this album after a few plays. It shows a lot of promise and despite the production leaving the sound somewhat underpowered the bands penchant for adding melodic hooks and choruses to their tales from the gothic side shone through. Well worth checking out if you are a fan of femme Metal or just like your Metal dark but very melodic.

Sorronia are:

Anna Király - vocals
István Biró - keyboards
László "Hümér" Szabó - guitars
László Ollós - bass guitars
Kristóf Vízi - drums


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