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'Bad Jack And Other Stories'
(Self released)
Release Date: 14th November 2014

Ian Sutherland

ian sutherland

nasty little lonely

Nasty Little Lonely's debut EP 'Son Of The Flies' was released to critical acclaim earlier this year. Hailing from the Bristol area the self-proclaimed noise-rock three piece clearly showed that a distorted, bleak and dangerous musical vision of the world could come as easily out of the south west of England as anywhere else.

This follow up EP starts with the title track and the first thing to notice is how big their sound is. I don't have a producing credit to check out but the jangling guitars and effects all sound suitably menacing before in comes the huge thumping bass line and their trademark groove and we're off into the murky, hypnotic, threatening world which NLL like to create.

Charlie Beddoe's breathy, disturbed vocals in the slower parts of the song combine with the jangly guitars and huge rhythms to create a a real atmosphere of menace. The accompanying video is pleasantly unsettling too. You might never go the loo in a club again.

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'Throw Me The Bone' is a touch gentler in tone but that is a relative term mind you. Again huge slabs of bass dominate but this even has a chorus which you could sing along with. The discordant, imaginitive guitarwork of Ben Fisher still gives the song that element of nastiness though. You would definitely let them have their bone.

'Blood On The Floor' is probably my favourite song of the four here. Mixing up marching drum beats and that trademark bass groove with some Syd Barratt like psychedelia is a masterstroke. Off and edgy in one way yet terribly beautiful at the same time this is a hypnotic, fascinating song which has real depth revealed during repeated plays.

The final track here 'Machinery' adds some harmony vocals and sections which sound like a Metal band mixed by a madman which is unexpected but overall is more of the same impressive dirty grooviness.

Nasty Little Lonely take their industrial, punk and psychedelic influences and create a unique, filthy, jagged, brutal landscape which is somehow also often a place of terrible, hypnotic beauty. Your mother really wouldn't understand but that's the point. Post industrial apocalypse music twenty first century style. What's not to like?

Line up:
charlie b - bass and vocals,
ben fisher - guitars and bvs,
dave geracitano - drums and samples


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