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De Boerderij, Zoetermeeer, Holland
9th November 2014

Ian Sutherland

ian sutherland


UK progressive Metallers Threshold are one of those bands who have managed to make a career by building a following in the more open European Metal scene despite being criminally ignored in their native land.

As a result this first set of nineteen dates in support of their new album 'For The Journey' included only two shows in the UK but luckily I was in Holland at the right time and managed to catch their show in Zoetermeer.

De Boerderij is the kind of large modern club which seem to host live gigs in just about every Dutch town and was respectably busy as a warm roar greeted the band as they launched into 'Slipstream'.

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In Damian Wilson Threshold have a real livewire of a frontman. With his ever fuller beard he looks more like a singer in a thrash band than a prog metal vocalist but his strong, melodious tones are unmistakable and he easily manages to impress on both the material from his two spells in the band and from those songs originally sung by the late Andrew 'Mac' McDermott.

On top of magnificent vocal chops he also has huge amounts of energy and never stands still for long. In between songs he chirps away happily to his audience and on a couple of occasions goes out into the venue for a wander among the faithful. He obviously loves doing this and the crowd love it too, even when he catches people unaware and not expecting to meet the singer when standing near the back of the hall.


Musically Threshold are on the metal side of prog metal and while they have long, complex tunes like the magnificent 'Pilot In The Sky Of Dreams' and time changes aplenty this is music with lots of power. Every so often the twin guitars of Karl Groom and Pete Morten will launch into some supercharged riffing such as in 'Long Way Home' and they have an absolute beast of a drummer in Johanne James to make sure that everything is driven along with suitable intensity.

The set list tonight features some new songs, some of their better known favourites and as befitting a band with a back catalogue spanning twenty five years or so a couple of really old songs got an airing too.


The crowd lapped everything up, singing along to the aforementioned 'Pilot...' and clapping along with the tireless Mr Wilson every time he asked them. Musically the musicians were really tight and together and there was some terrific playing but the rest of the band come across as pretty unassuming on stage. They seem content to let their manic vocalist dominate proceedings while they just keep the music going.

Having started at around 9.40pm these talented Brits obviously like to give value for money and were into their third encore song close to midnight when I had to leave and catch the last tram to where I was staying. It was a pity as I really enjoyed my latest viewing of Threshold plus Damian Wilson had said from the stage that the drinks were on him later! I suspect he knew everyone would have to leave to get home!


It's such a shame such a talented band don't get more recognition in this country as they really are worth a listen for any Metal fan, not just those who like their riffs with some progressive twiddling added.

Line up:
Karl Groom - guitars
Damian Wilson - lead vocals
Richard West - keyboards
Johanne James - drums
Steve Anderson - bass
Pete Morten - guitars




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