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'Warm Winter Day'
(self released)
Release Date: 15th November 2014

Ian Sutherland

ian sutherland


Shiran from Israel are further evidence that the female fronted Metal scene is a global one.

Named after singer Shiran Avayou this is more of a project than a band at this point with the only other member being guitarist Elram Boxer of Israeli Metal band Ferium. In existence probably as not much more than a few ideas since 2012 they have now put together this five track EP to launch the project properly.

Starting off with 'Remain' the style is closer to the hard rock, Heavy Metal end of the genre rather than the symphonic one. More Kobra & The Lotus than Nightwish for example. Full of staccato riffs and pounding drums, it's a promising start.

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Second song is the title track and it's quite different. For the first time the vocals are really strong and impressive. Shiran Avayou has a terrific voice and uses it to good effect here on a song which starts off melodic and builds in intensity without losing the melody it started with.

'The Child' is a less impressive tune but still worth a listen full of their trademark balance between heavy riffs and melodic vocals. 'Glint Of Light' is stronger with an interesting bluesy riff starting things off before the song builds into a well constructed off beat Metal song with some really strong vocals.


Final track 'Burden's Off' has a denser, more detuned feel to it. I find it a song which is hard to really get a feel for and comes across as a bit of a mish mash of ideas but with a powerful second half and those lovely vocals it's not a total loss.

Shiran are an interesting addition to the female fronted Metal scene. They have the guitar chops and the vocals to catch the ear anyway but their songwriting is quite ambitious too and when it works well they are really good and a little different to other bands defined as female fronted Metal. With live gigs coming on the horizon I look forward to hearing how they develop in time.


Line up:
Shiran Aveyou-vocals
Elram Boxer-guitars


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