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'The Final Revolution'
Release Date: 25 November 2013

Ian Sutherland

ian sutherland

pro pain

Pro-Pain are a New York hardcore band who have been going for an amazing 22 years and 'The Final Revolution' is their 14th studio album.

They are more on the Metal edge of the hardcore genre and over the years have mastered the art of angry sounding heavy hardcore with great riffs and shouty choruses. Their formula over all those years hasn't changed much and this latest album continues that tradition.

'Want Some' has a catchy chorus and great main riff, 'Fall From Grace' straddles the gap between thrash and hardcore effortlessly and the title track has an urgent punky energy mixed with riffing guitars giving it a Metal feel.

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There isn't really a bad track on the album although they are more about the vibe than great individual tunes. The sound is heavy and intense and the guitar riffs and solos are way more proficient than the more traditional hardcore acts.

Verdict: To be completely honest this album sounds very much like the other Pro-Pain albums I own but I don't mind that. They are one of those does what it says on the tin kind of bands, they do Metal influenced hardcore with style and energy and a great knack for writing great riffs and choruses.

They're angry at the world but like to rock while they shout at it. Highly recommended if you ever need something loud to blow the cobwebs away!

2.One Shot One Kill
4.Problem Reaction Solution
5.The Final Revolution
6.Can't Stop The Pain
7.All Systems Fail
8.Want Some?
9.Fall From Grace
11.Mass Extinction
12.Under The Gun
13.Life's Hard - Live 2010 (bonus track digi)
14.Get Real - Live 2010 (bonus track digi)
15.Party In Paris - UK Subs cover (bonus track digi)

Pro-Pain are:
Gary Meskil – bass/vocals
Marshall Stephens – rhythm guitar
Adam Phillips –lead guitar
Jonas Sanders – drums


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