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Queen Margaret Union, Glasgow
5th December 2014

Ian Sutherland

ian sutherland


I was a bit late getting into the venue as they couldn't get the sold out crowd through the doors fast enough to beat the start time for this three band bill. That meant I only caught the second half of an excellent set from Tyr.

This four piece band from the Faroe Islands take the traditions of their homeland and infuse it with powerful melodic Metal and it makes for a fantastic and unusual sound. They have some of the pagan and folk Metal overtones you might expect but they do tremendous four part harmonies which give them a unique twist. Add to this some pretty good songwriting and you have a band whose profile is on the rise.

Many of their songs these days are sung in English but I have to admit that despite not understanding a word of it I prefer the authentic edge they add when they sing in their native Faroese. Songs in either language go down a storm with the audience here tonight and all too soon it's the end of their set. I think these guys will be moving up the bill next time they tour.

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I have never been a big fan of Korpiklaani, their mad Finnish folk Metal always seemed a bit samey to me and apart from a couple of fun drinking songs they never really made a great impression. This time around they chose to concentrate on newer material and I got the impression they are moving into a phase where they want to be taken more seriously.

After a lively intro which had the crowd bouncing they played some mid-paced and slower numbers even sounding a little like Black Sabbath at one point. 'Vodka' added some life to the proceedings but when they exited the stage after an underwhelming rendition of 'Rauta' it was all a bit of an anti-climax.

This was a very lively crowd ready to party and the omission of old favourites 'Happy Little Boozer' and 'Beer Beer' felt like a change too far in the circumstances.


Swedish Metallers Sabaton have worked hard and built an audience the hard way, touring regularly on the back of every album release. This took it's toll and forced some major line up changes but the sold out crowd tonight shows the line up issues haven't slowed their momentum any.

Despite writing songs almost exclusively about war, soldiers and battles Sabaton have a lively sense of humour and and an intro tape including Swedish 'anthem 'The Final Countdown' showed this. The crowd sang along with gusto showing they were ready to party and by the time the band appeared and launched into 'Ghost Division' the atmosphere was already electric.


'To Hell And Back' from latest album 'Heroes' followed and even though this was a new song the whole venue seemed to be bouncing up and down in time. Singer Joakim Broden already had a huge grin on his face and it was already obvious that this was going to be a great night.

Broden is an old school front man, happy to chat to the crowd and lead them along, even happier to have some fun with them. Some of the set list was open to crowd request and when he offered a choice of one song sung in their native Swedish or another sung in English he was surprised that the crowd chanted "Swedish, Swedish", commenting that "We love you guys but you're not known for your language skills!" 'Gott Mit Uns' we got then along with other requests new and old such as 'Soldier Of Three Armies' and 'The Lion From The North'.


This was a lean, mean, Metal road machine in full flight, a really tight and well oiled Metal band at full tilt and feeding off an audience fully immersed in the experience. 'Attero Dominatus' had the fists pumping in the air and 'Resist And Bite' featured some tongue in cheek guitar heroics before turning into the pounding Metal anthem that it is.

The atmosphere was fantastic so it was a slight letdown that an audience choice of 'White Death' turned out to be their last song and a sudden lull hit the venue before the crowd found their voice again and called the band back for a thoroughly deserved encore.


'Night Witches' was a power Metal fury of a return to the stage then it was time for band and audience to join together jumping and singing in joyous Metal union to 'Primo Victoria'. The cheesy but enjoyable tribute to Metal, 'Metal Crue', ended the night proper and the band took a lengthy bow from an adoring audience.

This was a great bill of northern based Metal bands and Sabaton topped it off perfectly. They are a fantastic, fun Metal live band and should be checked out at the first opportunity if fist pumping, pounding Metal with a smile appeals at all.


beer beer beerbeerbeer


beer beer beerbeerbeer


beer beer beerbeerbeer

Line up:
Hannes Van Dahl – Drums
Joakim Brodén – Lead Vocals
Pär Sundström – Bass
Thobbe Englund – Lead Guitar
Chris Rörland – Lead Guitar


Sabaton set list:
Ghost Division
To Hell and Back
Carolus Rex
Gott Mit Uns
(in Swedish at crowd request)
Soldier of 3 Armies
(Crowd chose this over Smoking Snakes)
The Art of War
The Lion From the North
(Sung in Scots, crowd chose... more)
Attero Dominatus
Resist and Bite
(Featuring Joakim on guitar)
White Death
(chosen by audience member... more )
Night Witches
Primo Victoria
Metal Crüe



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