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King Tut's Wah Wah Hut, Glasgow
12th December 2014

Ian Sutherland

ian sutherland

the amorettes

Scottish rockers The Amorettes are a firm favourite with many of the writers here at MetalTalk including yours truly. Their hard working attitude, enthusiasm and talent mixed with an ability to kick you in the head with stunning bursts of Metal energy but remain charming and likeable at the same time has proved irresistible.

It isn't just us online hacks that are falling under their spell though as this sold out headline show at Glasgow's famous King Tut's Wah Wah Hut club shows.

After using a Slade's Greatest Hits album to entertain the crowd pre-show the three Metal maidens stroll onto the stage and launch straight into 'Shoot From The Hip' quickly followed by 'Get What's Coming'. These are new unfamiliar songs just recorded for their new album (produced by Chris Tsangarides who has worked with Judas Priest, Y&T, Thin Lizzy and many others) but no one in the crowd seems to care as they are full of their trademark energy and furious guitar riffing and stand up very well against old favourites 'Take Cover' and 'Box Ticker' which follow.

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There is very little let up as the show continues, bass player Heather McKay runs around the stage in her Slade t-shirt (the pre-show music was obviously no accident) only standing still long enough to do the traditional bass player foot on monitor pose and show off the best rock and roll pout in the business or sing some backing vocals. Her sister Hannah on the drums is a powerhouse, driving the music on in a constant blur of energy and seemingly impatient with any break between songs as she is desperate to get on with the next one.

Guitarist and singer Gillian Montgomery is less mobile having to stay close to the mic stand but makes up for that with solid riffs and furious solos full of melody and fire. She shows she can do the Eddie Van Halen hammer ons as well as anyone else but mostly her soloing is more old school where it's about the quality of the notes rather than the quantity.

the amorettes

The West Lothian guitar gunslinger also has a strong melodic voice which never falters but alas the equipment lets her down on several occasions and her guitar tech is kept busy swapping guitars, sometimes in mid-song as they keep cutting out. I have seen much higher profile bands crumble in such circumstances but these rock and roll troopers just keep on going and the partisan crowd love them even more for it.

Full length headline sets are a rare opportunity for the band so we get treated to a bunch of new songs, the pick of which for me were the supercharged riffdom of 'Bull By The Horns' and the sub Joan Jett sing alonga rock that was 'Rock Me Roll Me'. Also on display were some rarely played tracks from the debut album 'Haulin' Ass' like 'Talk Nerdy To Me', apparently the first song ever written with The Amorettes in mind.

the amorettes

I thought the atmosphere of the show dropped a little mid set with all the new songs although the energy of the show never did. The pacing of headline shows might be an issue when these full on rockers get to do more of them as they're not exactly a band with some ballads to stick in the set. However tonight when they ended the set with the more familiar double act of 'Son Of A Gun' and crowd favourite 'Hot And Heavy' energy levels were right up there all round the room again.

An encore was inevitable and featured the first cover song I've ever seen the band do. I wasn't sure what to expect but whatever it was it certainly wasn't the 60s classic 'Wooly Bully' (originally recorded by Sam The Sham & The Pharoahs trivia lovers). It turned out to be a fun way to end a cracking gig.

the amorettes

It's always pleasing when you catch on to a good band early in their career and get to watch them grow and succeed. With a new album in the can and a UK tour in 2015 with Europe and Black Star Riders to come I can only see them going from strength to strength.

Catch them now and get in at the start of something promising.

the amorettes

Line up:
Gill - guitar/vocals
Heather - bass/backing vocals
Hannah - drums/backing vocals





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