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(Kaotoxin Records)
Release Date: 14th January 2014

Ian Sutherland

ian sutherland

we all die laughing

The cheerily named We All Die (Laughing) are a French/Bulgarian duo who have decided to make, in their words, an album mixing progressive Metal, progressive rock, dark jazz, depressive black Metal and even some soul music! This ambitious project has resulted in this debut EP which on my version features one 33 minute track!

After reading the description above I wasn't sure to expect but having listened to the EP a few times now what has been created here is a fascinating and epic piece of music. Starting off with some Floyd-like atmospheric bass and guitar lines it rises and falls through sections of death Metal screaming and thrashy Metal, ambient gentle parts with almost crooning vocals and sold Metal riffing seamlessly.

Any piece of music this long usually struggles to keep your attention but this isn't an issue here as you're never sure where it's going next and repeated listens reveal new and interesting musical passages you missed the last time.

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It's not all perfect as the "singing" vocal sections reveal a voice that isn't so impressive but I love the epic scale and sound of 'Thoughtscanning' though and would like to hear the bonus track on the official release, a cover of Amy Winehouse's 'Back To Black' which sounds like an intriguing choice of cover song.


If you've listened to the likes of Tool or My Dying Bride or Moonsorrow and enjoyed it when they get epic and hit an atmospheric groove then this EP is for you. Dark and epic and full of surprises and ideas it's an impressive debut.


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