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'Distorted Delusions'
Release Date: 7th February 2014

Ian Sutherland

ian sutherland

fear of domination

Every time I hear about a new Metal band from Finland I pay attention as whether it's caused by the long months of winter darkness or long nights of summer sunshine there are many, many interesting, creative and above all crazy Finnish bands to choose from.

Fear Of Domination are new to me but 'Distorted Delusions' is their third full length release. Defining themselves as shock industrial Metal they have a basic formula that consists of taking heavy riffing guitars and deep, sonic grunting style vocals and adding in some melodic keyboards and thumping heavy beats to create a sound that is both electronica and Metal at the same time.

'Needle' is a good example of who they are starting with a keyboard hook that could have come from a Depeche Mode song before being joined by heavy drums and riffing guitars as the song gets going. Mixing in some unexpected melodic female vocals and even some sitar it is an interesting mixture of styles to say the least. It works though.

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Elsewhere there are the simpler, 4/4 meaty Metal beats of the likes of 'Dead Space' and 'Wicked World' which mix pounding Metal with some lighter keyboard touches and drum samples, more natural sounding than say Fear Factory but working the same elements with a bit more imagination in my opinion.

Most of the album is loud, heavy in your face stuff lightened by some deft musical touches here and there such as the inevitable circus organ section of 'Organ Grinder' and the keyboard hook of the otherwise frantic and brutal 'Violence Disciple'. 'Parasite' is their version of a ballad I guess but it sounds more like a gothic Metal anthem with it's epic Type O Negative style chorus and big guitar solo moment.

They are quite happy to rip your face off with crushing riffs and pounding drums but don't feel the need to do it all the time.

Verdict: Overall this is a band I could describe as Rammstein meets KMFDM by way of Pain but that wouldn't be completely fair as while it gives an idea of their sound they aren't as generic as that. They have enough good songs and inventive musical touches to be of interest to anyone who likes industrial related Metal.

I'm sure they're a hoot live too with their fire circus show and well worth looking out for. Finland does it again!

Line up:
Saku Solin - Vocals
Lauri Ojanen - Bass
Johannes Niemi - Lead guitars
Jan-Erik Kari - Guitars
Lasse Raelahti - Keyboards
Vesa Ahlroth - Drums


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